5 Reasons to Get a Horse Stable Blanket

Horses can live up to 30 years old which gives riders the opportunity to make the most of their time together.

There are many tools that can be used in the daily life of your horse to give them the best care. Horses are often outside and exposed to the elements, but thankfully you can use a horse stable blanket to keep them comfortable.

Are you wondering why this tool is so important to have on hand? Let’s go over a few reasons why you should have one at your disposal!

1. No Shelter

In many cases, horses will have shelter in a barn, however, they need to be outside sometimes as well. This means that they may find themselves out in colder weather too.

If there is no shelter for them to go inside, a horse blanket is a great way to keep them warm. It ensures that they are protected from the elements and helps to lock in their body heat.

2. Health

Each horse is unique and can have its conditions that affect how well it can handle the cold.

For example, an underweight horse will have a harder time storing heat, meaning that it’ll get colder easier. Horse blanketing can be a wonderful option in this case as it will help to trap the heat close to the horse so that they don’t get cold.

The same can be said for sick, injured, or elderly horses. They can have many of these issues as well, and a stable blanket can be very beneficial in keeping them as comfortable as possible.

3. Clipped

A horse is usually clipped to keep it cool when riding, however, when it’s in the pasture this means that it will also have trouble staying warm. To get the best out of both activities, a horse blanket is a good choice.

When you remove it to ride, your horse will be able to stay cooler and drier. Once they’re back out in the pasture, stable rugs will also help them to stay warm and dry.

4. Low Heat Tolerance

Horses tend to have a low heat tolerance, so keeping them warm when the temperatures start to drop is important for their health and wellbeing.

If you live somewhere that can get very cold, a stable blanket for horses is great to have. This allows you to use it when the temperatures start to drop so that your horses can stay warm.

5. Inclement Weather

Despite your best intentions, sometimes bad weather can strike at any moment. Snowstorms or rainstorms can strike unexpectedly and leave your horse exposed to the elements.

With a horse blanket on hand, you can give your horse the protection and warmth that it needs in case of an emergency. You’ll always be prepared for the worst.

Be Prepared With a Horse Stable Blanket

Protecting your horse and keeping them as warm as possible is important. By having a horse stable blanket, you can ensure that they’re always kept warm.

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