5 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Are A Good Choice As A Pet

Bearded dragons are not the first animal that comes to mind when we’re thinking about getting a pet. Here are five reasons why bearded dragons are a good choice.

Bearded dragons have a very passive nature and are pretty easy to take care of. This and the fact that they live longer than most pets have made them very popular as pets in homes nowadays. But they are not a conventional option most people think of when considering getting a pet. So if you are wondering if you should consider this option, here are five reasons why bearded dragons are a good choice as a pet.

1. Size

No wonder many people love to have this reptile as a pet they are a perfect size. To be comfortable, most bearded dragons require being housed in a vivarium of 1200mm or 4ft. Most homes can easily accommodate a vivarium of this size. Bearded dragons are just large enough so most children can handle them comfortably without injuring or scaring them.

Bearded dragons can grow to be about 600mm or 2ft long. A third of this is the tail, and they tend not to be heavy. The beardies will mostly love to hang around inside the vivarium, but having them out and about your living room sometimes is also a great idea.

2. Behavior

Bearded dragons have a very passive demeanor, making them very calm. They move about slowly, making them very easy to handle by kids. They have great temperaments, sometimes running up and down the glass to grab your attention. These reptiles certainly have a personality you can’t miss: They will stare at you if you are late at serving their food.

3. Each One Is Unique

If you are looking for a unique pet, getting a bearded dragon is an excellent idea as they are very unique. Each has a distinct color and pattern, and they all have unique behavior and character patterns. Judging by their interaction patterns with humans, you will notice that some of them are hyperactive while others are just lazy.

They each have different personalities that set them apart, but they do generally tend to grow calmer as they age, and most of them are pretty curious.

4. They Are Easy to Care For

Whether you are getting a pet for your child or as a companion for yourself, bearded dragons are effortless to care for making them a great pet. You just need to ensure that you keep them in the right environment. To care for them properly, you must ensure that you provide the right temperature and UVB. Nutrition is essential for bearded dragons, and dubia roaches are known to be a staple diet for them. So do stock up on sufficient quantities of this tasty snack to keep your beardie happy and healthy.

You must also ensure that your pet beardie is hydrated at all times, so maintain a supply of clean and fresh drinking water. You should also keep their vivarium clean at all times. This way, you also ensure they are not infected with any diseases. This is pretty much all it takes to keep them satisfied.

5. They Have Long Lives

Bearded dragons usually live 8+ years, making it an enriching experience to raise one from a juvenile. You can easily expect to have a bearded dragon as a friend for close to a decade if you get one that is around 3-4 months old. They have a longer lifespan than many other pets and are generally easier to take care of than dogs or cats.

6. Bearded Dragons Are Affectionate

Among reptiles, bearded dragons are among the few that can display affection. They wait for their owners, and once they see them, they can get quite friendly. You can tell how loving the temperament is of the bearded dragon just by seeing how affectionate they are with their owners. However, it is true that a bearded dragon cannot display their emotions as profusely as a dog or any other conventional pet would.

Bearded dragons show their affection in their own unique way. They have a wide variety of ways to show that they enjoy their owner’s company. They usually do this by coming near you, walking on you, or licking you. All of these actions symbolize the fact that your bearded dragon loves you. The younger the beardie is, the less prone it will be to show emotion, as it might feel dissatisfied and anxious about being handled. Your beardie will recognize you more as it grows older, and it will show its affection for you more freely.

7. Bearded Dragons Like to Socialize with Their Owners

Bearded dragons are reclusive in nature, but most like to socialize with their owners. They like to get their chin, head, or cheeks stroked. A bearded dragon will show its affection by roaming around the room, sleeping on your shoulder, or cuddling you. Bearded dragons mainly don’t require the companionship of other dragons unless they are a part of a pair for breeding.

You have to remember that all bearded dragons are not alike. Some do not like being held and petted, although most enjoy it. An infant dragon that has undergone trauma due to its experience with a previous owner might display aggression. If you give some time and effort behind your beardie, even hostile ones can learn to like attention and being petted. The key is to choose the type of reptile which will be easier for you to care for as a beginner, so do your research and choose wisely.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to have a bearded dragon as a pet is not very common, as most pet owners stick to having dogs or cats as pets. But opting to bring home a bearded dragon as a pet definitely has its positive aspects. We have listed the reasons why bearded dragons would be a good choice for a pet, and hopefully, they were sufficient to make up your mind to bring home your beardie. So have fun with your new pet, and remember to take care of it responsibly.