5 Things to Know About Golden Retrievers Before You Adopt One

There are few things you can do in life that will bring you as much love as adopting a dog. When you adopt a dog, you are essentially adopting a companion that will show you undying loyalty and love and will be there by your side each and every day. And while that is a common trait among all breeds, that’s not to say there aren’t differences too. For those who are considering adopting Golden Retrievers, there are some specific traits and features that can be helpful to know about in advance. Let’s take a closer look.

Golden Retrievers

1. Golden Retrievers are Among the Most Popular Breed

When it comes to ranking the most popular dog breeds in the country, the Golden Retriever is one that scores consistently high marks. You’ll often find this breed within the top five, sometimes even taking that coveted first spot. And while the actual positioning may shift slightly, what doesn’t change is how consistently popular this breed is.

All you have to do is take a look at the amount of Golden Retriever-themed merchandise out there, such as pet socks from funatic.com.Check out how often you see them in your neighborhood, and even how often they appear in ads in television shows – and it’s clear to see how popular they truly are.

2. Got Kids – a Golden Retriever is a Natural Family Addition

For those who have kids of any age – both younger and older – the Golden Retriever can be an excellent family dog. They do exceptionally well with kids, which means the transition will be smooth for all. This is something that can be a real concern especially for parents of young children who want to be sure the breed they choose is tolerant and patient with kids.

Because they are so loyal and loving, and yet have that youthful fun streak in them, they understand kids extremely well and will happily be their new best friend.

3. They Love Being Active with You

If you happen to be an active person or an active family, the Golden Retriever can fit right in. They love their daily walks, they love running around and playing, they are excellent swimmers and are just happy to be exercising and playing as often as possible. What this means is that they aren’t ideal for those who are looking for a more “lazy” low-maintenance breed.

4. Gets Along Well with Cats

It’s not every breed that gets along well with cats, as cats most definitely have a personality and presence all their own. Because the Golden Retriever is so laid-back and easy-going, they will have no problem accepting cats, and even seeing them as part of the pack.

5. Easy to Train Makes Them the Perfect First Dog

Because Golden Retrievers are so easy to train and are incredibly smart, this makes them perfect as a first dog as it can be less intimidating to train them.

The List Goes On and On

The great news is that this is just a small look at the many fabulous traits of the wildly popular Golden Retriever. It’s a breed well worth looking into and giving serious thought.