Can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies – Detailed Explanation

Can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies: Like most people, you likely assume that bearded dragons only think about eating pests. Yet did you recognize that they can also consume other tiny animals, like snails and millipedes?

That’s right– bearded dragons are opportunistic feeders, as well as will certainly basically eat anything they can suit their mouths! This includes those cute little rolly pollies you could discover in your garden.

So if you’re thinking of getting a bearded dragon as a pet dog, be alerted that those little animals may not be safe from their starving jaws!


A rolly polly is a pillbug called a “pill millipede.” They prevail all over the globe and usually live in gardens or timbers. It will most likely be black, grey, or brownish if you find one. Some individuals consider them insects. However, they’re harmless and can be enjoyable to see. They obtain their name from their propensity to huddle into a little ball when touched or feel endangered.

What are Rolly Pollies?

Rolly pollies are little, pill-shaped insects commonly found in yards and lawns. They are safe for people and pets, as well as are, in fact, beneficial to your yard since they eat dangerous pests. Some individuals select to feed rolly pollies to their bearded dragons, but you should recognize the dangers before doing so.

Bearded dragons are drawn into rolly pollies because of their shapes and size. They might try to eat them, but rolly pollies can be challenging for beardies to absorb. If it does consume a rolly polly, watch for indicators of gastrointestinal distress, such as vomiting or diarrhoea. If you see any of these indications, take your pet dog to the vet immediately.

What do Rolly Pollies Eat?

Most rolly pollies are herbivores, but a few species are omnivorous. All rolly pollies have eating mouthparts, which they utilize to eat a range of plants and also little invertebrates.

Plants:┬áRolly pollies consume a range of various plant matter, including leaves, stems, blossoms, fruit, and also even algae. If you’re looking to include some environment-friendly to your rolly pollies’ diet, leafy environment-friendlies like spinach and kale are good choices. You can use other vegetables like carrots, peas, and great potatoes.

Invertebrates:┬áMany rolly pollies eat tiny invertebrates like worms, snails, and insect larvae. If you’re feeding your rolly polly online food, ensure that the insects are effectively gut-loaded with calcium-rich foods to ensure your animal gets the nutrients it requires.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies?

However, few bearded dragon experts do not recommend feeding rolly pollies to your dragon. While others conform that rolly pollies can be part of a healthy and balanced, balanced diet for your pet dog. If you pick to feed rolly pollies to your bearded dragon, it is necessary to be familiar with the possible risks and take precautions to minimize those dangers.

Rolly pollies also referred to as pillbugs or woodlice, are small, segmented creatures usually located in gardens and backyards. They are not dangerous and nourishing and include healthy protein, fat, and calcium.

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However, there are a few potential dangers related to feeding rolly pollies to bearded dragons. First, rolly pollies can lug microorganisms and bloodsuckers that could help ill your bearded dragon. 2nd, rolly pollies include high degrees of chitin, a substance that bearded dragons can not absorb properly. If a bearded dragon eats many rolly pollies, excess chitin can cause gastrointestinal problems.

To reduce the danger of these issues, you must only feed Rollie Pollies to your bearded dragon now and then and carefully wash them before giving them to your pet. Suppose you have any concerns regarding whether or naturally, pollies are risk-free for your bearded dragon to eat. In that case, it is best to consult a veterinarian or reptile professional.

The Upsides and downsides of Feeding Bearded Dragons Rolly Pollies

Bearded dragons are insectivores, which suggests that their diet generally consists of insects. In the wild, they consume various pests, consisting of roly-polies.

Roly-polies, likewise known as pillbugs or woodlice, are little, dark-coloured pests often located in gardens and forests. They are an excellent resource of protein and various other nutrients, making them a preferred food for bearded dragons.

Nonetheless, some possible dangers are associated with feeding roly-polies to bearded dragons. Roly-polies can bring damaging bacteria and parasites, making your bearded dragon sick. They can likewise be difficult to digest, which might cause digestion issues.

Before feeding roly-polies, it is necessary to study and talk to a reptile vet to guarantee that it is risk-free for your animal.

How to make Bearded Dragons ready for Rolly Pollies

Rolly pollies, additionally called pillbugs or woodlice, are a sort of crustacean that bearded dragons often eat. While these creatures are not practically pests, they are still a great source of healthy protein for your bearded dragon. In the wild, they consume roughly pollies in addition to other insects as well as tiny animals.

If you are feeding your bearded dragon rolly pollies that you have collected on your own, it is essential to ensure that they are safe for your animal to eat. Roly pollies can be discovered in yards and various other outdoorsy areas. If you accumulate them from these areas, it is essential to clean them off extensively before providing them to your bearded dragon. This is because they might have touched with chemicals or various other hazardous chemicals.

It is additionally an excellent idea to cook the rolly pollies before feeding them to your bearded dragon. This will kill any bacteria or bloodsuckers that may exist on their bodies. To cook them for a few minutes, merely put them in a pot of boiling water. Once they are prepared, you can cut them into pieces before feeding them to your animal.

Just How Typically Can Bearded Dragons Consume Rolly Pollies?

Several reptile fanatics enjoy feeding their beardies rolly pollies (aka pillbugs, sowbugs, woodlice, and so on), and for a whole reason: they offer excellent nutrition and a fun difficulty for these insect-eating lizards. Yet exactly how commonly can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies?

Like all food products, the response to this question depends upon numerous factors, including your bearded dragon’s age, size, and activity degree. Generally, it is unassailable to feed your beardie rolly pollies once or twice a week. If you select to provide them more frequently than this, be sure to use other kinds of insects also to guarantee that your pet dog obtains a balanced diet plan.

What Are the threats of Feeding Bearded Dragons Rolly Pollies?

Bearded dragons are omnivores, meaning they will gladly consume plants and meat. Their wild diet contains about 30% plant matter and 70% pests. You can replicate this diet by feeding them vegetables, fruits, and live problems.

One sort of bug that is frequently considered part of a bearded dragon’s diet plan is the rolly polly. Rolly pollies are likewise referred to as pillbugs or woodlice. Small, greyish-brown insects huddle into a sphere when touching or feeling intimidated. They are frequently located in damp locations such as beneath rocks or ground cover.

Can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies?

While pollies are a genuine part of a bearded dragon’s diet plan, there are some dangers related to feeding them to your pet. Rolly pollies can be service providers of Salmonella, a kind of microorganism that can cause gastrointestinal disorders in people. They can likewise nurture parasites that might infest your animal’s gastrointestinal system. For these factors, it is essential to take precautionary measures when feeding rolly pollies to your bearded dragon.

Just purchase rolly pollies from trustworthy dealerships that maintain their pests in tidy conditions. It is additionally crucial to clean your hands extensively after managing them. If you have any concerns about the security of feeding rolly pollies to your family pet, speak with your vet for guidance.

Verdict on Can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies?

In conclusion, while bearded dragons can technically consume rolly pollies, it is not suggested to do so. They are not a part of a bearded dragon’s all-natural diet, and also, therefore, they might not offer every one of the necessary nutrients that your pet dog needs. Additionally, rolly pollies might be able to bring unsafe germs or parasites that could make your bearded dragon sick. If you are determined to feed your bearded dragon rolly pollies, monitor them carefully and consult a veterinarian if you have any worries.

Feeding Your Beardie Roly Pollies Securely

Given that these animals are little sufficient to be swallowed whole by your pet reptile, you have to ensure that they do not contain pesticides or herbs– ever! Many of these invertebrates are bred in captivity by either breeders or pet shops, so they arrive pesticide-free. To be sure about the resource of your rolly pollies, request proof or do not feed them to your bearded dragon. When in doubt, select mealworms instead!

Rolly Pollies can be fed occasionally as a reward, but you should always keep plant issues in your pet’s diet the same. Grownups require one per day, while youngsters need two. By following these specific standards about where and when you feed your reptiles rolly pollies, every person will certainly stay safe.