Holistic Pet Care: Natural Technique of Healing Dogs & Cats

What is Holistic Pet Care? What About Natural Healing in Dogs & Cats? Well, yeah. To get an answer to your question please keep reading this article. It’ll cover all your doubts and worries!

Nature’s Care Is The Best Care!

In this whole wide world many if has pets at their home. But it is not at all easy to take care of the pet. You have to feed their food on the time, you have to take them for walks and give them medicines on time.

But what if even after taking better care of our pet he/she gets ill or gets some infection? It is so common to catch infection these days, it may be animal or human. What should an individual do in such a situation?

Of course, you will take them to see their vet which is a fine familiar thing to do. But why don’t we try holistic pet care?

From every expression on your face, I can say that you have not heard of holistic pet care until now! Am I right?

Well, let’s have a glimpse of what is holistic pet care?

Whatever pet care is taken but in a natural way and not the synthetic way is holistic pet care.

Why Holistic Pet Care is Not So Well-Spoken in Society? Or Why 70% of People Don’t Know About It?

Well, good question. This is actually about the fact that not every treatment in a holistic way works out for every pet. Many of the treatments do not show their effect on the animal. which is why parents of pets do not prefer holistic treatment or holistic care. 

And also some of the treatments are not approved by the doctors and government so the publicity of holistic pet care always has been low.

Why Should We Promote Holistic Pet Care

This question depends on how you want your pet to be treated. It is not that conventional veterinary care of today is not good or not effective, it is actually that conventional veterinary care can just cure it and will never know the root of it.

As we know that conventional veterinary care has always been expensive and all about prescribed pet foods and selling drugs.

This is the time where we come forward where we use natural therapies/treatments for the better health of our pets. If we don’t take a step now who knows after some years illness will be way more shared than fitness.

What Is The Real Purpose of Naturopathy? What Does It Improve? 

I don’t know if you will ever believe me or not but after reading more than thousands of articles on this Naturopathy and holistic pet care topic I have got to know that we humans and animals are so much interrelated.

And not just with each other but also with nature. We will never know exactly how deeply nature and humans/animals are connected. But just to get some idea of it we study or we do naturopathy.

It helps you to connect so much easier with your pet and its habits.

The Natural Treatment Which Is Approved, Why People Are Not Preferring Them? What Is The Issue?

You have asked a really good question, now it’s all about human mentality.

Humans want a stronghold in everything they do or they want, they have got not so much patient behaviour which is the main problem.

They think if the pet is ill vaccination, medicines will cure it very fast and easily, so they prefer it. But naturopathy, the holistic way takes time, it takes patience.

And it is because the human mind goes towards the quick-fix side, most people avoid /don’t take naturopathy seriously.

What Exactly Holistic/Naturopathy Does That Improves The Health Of Pets?

Before I answer this question of yours you have to know what does conventional vets do to improve the health of the pet. conventional vets give vaccines, injections, medicines to your pet that goes inside your pet’s body and activates their immune system.

Nor, holistic does the same but with no injections or medicines. Holistic care goes with the way that has nothing to do with artificial ways. What holistic care workers/vets will do is they will cure or improve the health of your pet by changing their lifestyle and changing their diet.

What are Your Opinions On Getting Our Pets Vaccinated? 

Is it essential?

From recent studies and the articles I have read, getting vaccinated, this topic has got big hype. But in most of the cases, I have read or seen over-vaccination has caused loss of immunity in pets’ body which is not a very healthy thing to happen.

And scientists are now discovering that even after getting the vaccine for a particular disease your pet can still get the same disease after some time.

If your pet has weakened immunity taking a vaccine/getting them vaccinated can cause even more problems and can harm their health, and there may be a possibility that they never get back to their healthiest state.

Don’t Holistic Care Needs Conventional Care In Some Or Another Way?

I mean, yeah. Sometimes when it gets necessary or very important they do combine naturopathy and conventional health care to make the health of your pet better.

They can sometimes use homoeopathy medicine and herbs (holistic/natural) with some of the conventional help.

How Do I Find The Best Holistic Vet For My Pet?

That is a quite tricky kind of question.

Before you take your pet to their holistic vet for their treatment just research some things about him. Has he got the certificate of what he has studied? Has he did training of natural and homoeopathic therapies. Get all the information about that doctor and then only approve him as your pet’s vet.

Should I Trust The Medicines Saying “natural” On Their Packets For My Pet?

I will say no to this question. In this world now the word “natural” has become so common that every other packet of medicine you see will have it written, despite it being true or not.

You have to remember that poisonous mushroom and snake bites are also natural but they don’t heal you, they harm you.

Be careful of what you give your pet. If possible take your pets’ medicine to a holistic vet and get all of them checked and approved.

Pets are far way more trustworthy and kind than humans! Take proper care of them! They deserve all of your love. Thank you.