Pros And Cons Of Camping With Dogs

Most pet owners are believed to consider their dogs as part of their families. They go where they go and they also get to enjoy what every member of the household does. But how will your furry loved ones fare on outdoor trips? Will they be fine to tag along, say, camping perhaps?

Having your beloved pet with you serving as your main company during outdoor excursions like camping sounds exciting and a lot of fun. Yet, then again, you might need to think of the pros and cons first before you take your pet dog camping.

The Benefits Of Taking Your Dog Outdoor Camping

Outdoor adventures are said to be more fun and enjoyable when you can share them with your best buds, including your beloved pets. If you’ve tried camping with dogs before, that must mean you’re already accustomed to it.

Repeat trips with your pets may show that both of you enjoy being in touch with nature while accompanying one another. So, that’s already one good reason to go camping with dogs the great company they selflessly.

Other pros of bringing your pets to such an escapade are:

1. It’s Good For Their Health

Outdoor activities are said to be good for humans and dogs alike. Camping, in particular, is a new experience that allows your pets to get closer to the wilderness, inhale some fresh air, and listen to new sounds. It may also boost their energy and make way for good physical exercise. Just think of how happy they get whenever you take them walking or strolling in the park. Being outdoors in the woods may double (or even triple) that happiness. For your pets, the adventure is exciting and fulfilling.

2. No Need To Worry About Their Accommodation At Home

If you live alone and there’s no one to take care of your pet dogs when you’re out for the weekend, bringing them along would lessen your worries about who’s going to take care of them in your absence.

You no longer have to worry about placing them in boarding homes or pet hotels in the meantime while you’re gone. Such temporary animal accommodations are regarded as not entirely safe and healthy for pets. If they’re not used to being sent away, pet animals may feel stressed and lonely.

You also don’t have to think of their food and water while you’re away. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that they’re with you and having the best time of their life enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

3. Camping Can Forge Great Bond

If you feel like you haven’t spent enough quality time with your pets lately, camping is a great way to make up for them. Such activities can be a great bonding session between you, your family, and your home pets. Even if it’s just for the weekend, that’s more than enough time to do things together, enjoy nature, eat good food, and take beautiful photos to indulge in each other’s presence.

4. Your Pets Can Help Keep You Warm

What better way to camp on a chilly night than to get all snuggled up with your dogs? Their warmth will keep the cold away for sure. You can cozily wrap yourselves in a blanket and enjoy the sound of the forest as you sleep through the night cozied up with your beloved pet animals. Plus, their intuitive and protective nature will be handy for security and safety.

The Downsides Of Camping With Dogs

Downsides Of Camping With Dogs

Just as camping with dogs has its advantages, there are also a few drawbacks you need to consider. One of the essential factors you might want to consider is your dogs’ prior experience with camping. The inappropriate or complete lack of pet training can be dangerous for your furry loved ones especially if they’re not trained properly to follow commands and the like.

Most camping trails and grounds are believed to require dog companies to be on a leash while they’re on the camping site premises. For dogs that aren’t quite used to being on a leash when they’re outside, it can be a potential concern. Additionally, here are some downsides of camping with dogs that you might want to look at:

1. Possible Dangers Of Wildlife

Although dogs can potentially protect you while you and your folks are outdoors, it’s not always the case when you’re out there in the wilderness. There’s always the possibility of unforeseen wildlife encounters particularly with animals that may prey on your dogs.

Mountain lions, coyotes, or wolves might find your pets a good target especially those that come in smaller breeds. Their barking could also attract the attention of wildlife near your campsite area.

Moreover, dogs are naturally curious, which could be dangerous in more ways than one. They may try to catch or eat smaller animals such as poisonous snakes, insects, and others. If they tend to roam around, they may encounter wild animals that may not like the smell or even the sight of dogs in their territory and could prompt aggressiveness on both sides.

2. Dog’s Health Concerns

Aside from their safety, you also need to think about your dogs’ health. If they’re not old enough yet to go camping, it could be tiring and stressful for them to go on long hikes.

To be on the safe side, visit their veterinarian first to ask if they’ll be okay to go on camping with you. Be aware of their shots and find out from their doctor if there are any precautions you need to know and look out for such as signs of animal dehydration and exhaustion while outdoors.

You should also ensure they have adequate protection from parasitic infestations, such as ticks, fleas, and heartworms that they may contract during the trip.

3. More Space Needed For Added Gear And Supplies

In the event that you bring your pet dogs as a company on your next camping trip, you’ll need to make room for extra supplies you need to pack. Separate food, water, and other necessities should be included for them. Depending on the weather conditions, you may also need to bring raincoats and extra blankets for them. Bringing their toys and treats to keep them entertained is also highly advised.


As their owner, the decision is up to you whether or not it’s best to go camping with your dogs. Loving your pets doesn’t always mean having to bring them wherever you go. Sometimes, going for a harder decision show just how much you care for them because you don’t want to risk their safety and protection.

Camping with dogs can be a great experience, but first, you need to weigh the boons and banes of bringing them with you. Are they old enough? Can their current health status take it? And if yes, what should you bring and know before taking them? Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of having your pets with you on your outdoor trips can go a long way in ensuring their and your own safety.