The Brief Guide That Makes Creating a Dog Friendly Home Simple

We’ve all heard of baby proofing, but what about dog proofing?

When welcoming a new pooch into the family, it’s important to make sure you have a dog friendly home. That way, you protect both your home and your new furry friend.

Here’s how to create the perfect home environment before becoming a new dog parent.

Think Like a Dog

When preparing a dog friendly home, you may first want to start thinking like a dog.

Imagine where you would go if you were a dog. Would you dig in the trash? Would you chew on the shoes in front of the door? Or would you climb onto the table?

Part of pet proofing your home is making it difficult for your dog to access dangerous places.

Watch for things that could be used as a step or ladder, allowing your dog to climb on furniture or access shelves. Be sure trash cans are securely covered with a lid, and be aware of any food or food scraps that are left out. Also be sure to hide away objects that may become chew toys, like shoes and even the cables of electronics.

Be Aware of Small Objects

Dogs, and especially puppies, can be similar to babies in the way that you must become aware of choking hazards.

Dogs may try to eat small things found around the house. In some cases they may choke on these items, while other times they may actually ingest them (which can lead to an emergency trip to the vet).

Try getting on the floor at a dog’s level and scope around furniture. Look for small toys, coins, and other small objects that may have fallen.

Know Common Poisons

Chances are, there are numerous things around your home right now that could potentially kill a dog. But you can protect your four-legged friend by properly storing these items.

Common poisons include antifreeze, cleaning products, medications, bait used for eliminating pests (such as rat poison), certain foods like chocolate and onion, and some plants.

Be sure to keep these poisons away from your dog, ideally locked away in a closet or drawer with a latch.

Create a Safe Haven

When creating a dog friendly home, it’s important to create a space for your dog to feel comfortable.

This should include a cozy bed with some toys, a crate with a blanket for when they want to hide away, and a water and food station.

They should also have some outdoor space to get some exercise and fresh air. This could be a fenced yard or a dog-friendly area to sniff around during leashed walks.

Protect Your Home’s Surfaces

You may already know the benefits of having a dog. But there are also some notable drawbacks of having a dog, including damage to your home.

Thankfully, you don’t have to let dog hair or the occasional accident ruin your home.

Create a dog friendly home by protecting your home’s surfaces. When possible, don’t choose carpet for your home. If you do have carpet, a shade similar to your dog’s fur can help make shedding less obvious. For hard floors, choose scratch-resistant ceramic or porcelain tile.

And consider pet-friendly furniture too. Leather or faux leather is easy to clean, or you can cover your fabric sofa with a protective blanket.

Welcome Fido With a Dog Friendly Home

While you may feel ready to bring a dog home, your home must be ready too. Create a dog friendly home for your new furry addition to the family with these easy tips.

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