4 Natural Supplements For Dogs And Their Benefits

Having a pet brings a lot of benefits. Animal lovers enjoy having animal companions to accompany them in their day-to-day activities. Moreover, pets may help improve one’s physical and mental wellness. Aside from possibly reducing stress and anxiety, pets may also help in easing loneliness and encourage pet owners to move around. However, owning a pet is a great responsibility.

Although it’s nice to have pets around, you have to keep in mind that they depend on their owners to stay fit and strong, especially if you have dogs. If you’re a dog parent, it’s important to take care of your furry friend’s health.

A Healthy Dog

Some people might attribute a dog’s size or weight to its health. However, there are different signs to see if your furry friend is healthy. One, you may check their ears to see if there’s no odor or any wax build-up. Smelly ears may be a sign of an ear infection while clean ears indicate that your dog can regulate body heat normally.

Second, check your dog’s breath every once in a while. A generally clean-smelling breath usually means that your dog isn’t experiencing any tooth decay or gum disease. Lastly, your pet’s urine may reveal more than just their level of hydration.

According to experts, a yellowish pee color suggests that your dog is healthy. On the other hand, orange or pink-colored urine may be a sign of infection or liver disease. Like humans, they require a good amount of exercise and a balanced diet to be at their best.

Aside from giving nutritious dog food, you can also find other nutritional sources to make sure your dogs get what they need. You can navigate here to check different dog supplements, including turmeric. Likewise, you can take your pet to get regular checkups to know their health condition through different tests and screening.

Complete Nutrition

One way to maintain your dog’s health is to provide them with a balanced diet with the right nutrients. Go for dog food that contains a good amount of protein and fiber. You may add different nutritious foods such as whole grains and vegetables. You can also serve lean meat, such as turkey or chicken, which is rich in protein. However, it’s best to separate the bones since this may be a choking hazard.

Some fruits may also be a good source of energy, including bananas and apples. Additionally, natural supplements may help improve your dog’s overall health and wellness. It’s important to note that these supplements are best taken with a veterinarian’s supervision. If you’re thinking about what to give to your four-legged partner, here are four natural supplements for dogs and their benefits:

1. Fish Oil

Fish oil may be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids for your furry friend. It’s one of the most popular supplements given to humans and pets alike. With the limited research available, it’s believed to help improve your dog’s heart health and may even improve their cognitive function. This supplement may also help your pet’s joints, which can deteriorate as they grow older. Additionally, it may improve your furry friend’s coat and reduce their itching.

2. Turmeric

Most people associate turmeric with cooking curry dishes and making tea. However, this spice can be beneficial to your pets. Turmeric is believed to support pet health through its anti-inflammatory properties. This may help dogs who are experiencing joint problems, especially arthritis, which causes discomfort and pain. To prepare turmeric for your pet, add water and olive oil to the spice to form a gravy that may be served together with your dog’s meal.

3. Tree Barks Powder

If your pet is experiencing problems with its bowel movement, this natural supplement is best to use. Tree barks powder comes from a mixture of fine slippery elm bark and white poplar bark. When mixed with water, the herb turns slimy and, in turn, coats the dog’s stomach wall when ingested. According to the growing body of research on this ingredient, this supplement may aid nutrient absorption and soothe intestinal problems.

4. Sea Kelp Powder

Sea kelp is a type of seaweed that’s a rich source of different minerals. It contains a high amount of fiber, which may help in promoting digestion and maintaining your dog’s oral health. This natural supplement may also be an excellent source of protein that is vital in muscle development, especially for growing pups. In addition, sea kelp is a rich source of iodine, which may help your dog’s thyroid and adrenal gland function.

Stay Active

A Healthy Dog

A balanced diet with great supplements is best paired with good exercise. It’s best to help your dog keep an active lifestyle to help them develop muscles and maintain good bone structure. You can go on long walks in your neighborhood regularly. You can also bring your four-legged friend on hikes and visit different trail parks. This is a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your pet. Plus, this will allow them to enjoy the outdoors and potentially meet other dogs.

Visit The Vet Regularly

Aside from getting proper nutrition and staying active, it’s important for dogs to have regular check-ups. Veterinary visits are essential for your pet to get their needed vaccine shots, which may help in avoiding life-threatening diseases. They may help in keeping you up-to-date with your dog’s vaccination schedule. You should also have your pet’s teeth checked and cleaned regularly. Some pet owners have a tendency to neglect their dog’s dental health. This may result in your furry friend developing serious gum diseases or tooth loss. It’s best to check with local veterinarians regularly to maintain your pet’s overall health.

The Takeaway

The benefits of owning a pet come with the responsibility of caring for them. If you’re a dog owner, it’s important to give them enough nutrition and exercise. With this, different natural sources may help improve your dog’s overall well-being. Natural supplements, such as fish oil, turmeric, tree bark powder, and sea kelp powder, are believed to be packed with different nutrients that may offer health benefits. It’s also important to consult with a veterinarian regularly to make sure your dog is healthy inside and out.