Bearded dragon eye stuck shut – Causes and Solution

Bearded dragon eye stuck shut: Bearded dragons are reptiles also kept as family pets. They are lizards that are friendly and responsive to any residence. Caring for them is smooth; they like to eat pests and vegetables. After being recorded, they are either basking in the light or enjoying the shade. Their resistance price is high, and they are incredibly popular reptile companions. To take optimal care of our bearded dragons, we must understand the different infections that can influence their health, their signs, and how to treat and avoid them. One of the regular health and wellness issues of this reptile is having a crusted slumber. This write-up contains all the information you need about this wellness problem and how to handle it.

What makes a bearded dragon’s eyes crust close? A bearded dragon having a crusty look shows the existence of an eye infection. When this eye infection happens, comply with the typical signs and symptoms you should observe in your bearded dragon. The eyes continue to be closed. The eyes become crusted, disallowing the reptile’s eyes from opening them. The eyes likewise start to have a discharge. Lastly, the eyes are puffy.

What triggers this eye Infection that causes crusted closed eyes in your Bearded Dragon

There are numerous root causes of eye infections in bearded dragons. When you identify the particular cause of the eye infection, you can avoid the recurrence of the disease in the future. Some of these causes include;

Bearded dragon eye stuck shut – Reasons

Shortage of Vitamin A

The shortage of vitamin A is prevalent among bearded dragons. These creatures are omnivorous; they consume leafy eco-friendlies as well as pests. Sometimes they experience a deficiency of vitamin A, leading to an undesirable eye infection.

You can quickly treat this infection (Hypovitaminosis A) by providing your pet dog vitamin A supplements. A supplement with corn, carrots, and peas should treat the condition in your pet’s eyes.


You should take note of the sort of substrate you make use of for covering the lower part of your dragon’s enclosure. If you’ve used the wrong product, you could reveal your bearded dragon to have an undesirable eye infection. Many substrates have loosened bits that can irritate the eye and lead to an infection.


A dragon getting a mite is not a unique point. Your task is to check the eyes very closely; this will enable you to observe any tiny black or red dots around the location of the eye, which could stand for mites.

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Mites can bring crusty eyes, pus, as well as discharge around the location of the eye. If you see an eye discharge, your closest wager is that the eye has been infected.

How to deal with eye Infections in Bearded Dragon

An infected bearded dragon eye must not be ignored or ignored. Once you observe indications of a contaminated eye in your dragon, you must take it to the veterinarian soonest. This guarantees quick treatment and reduces the eye’s capacity to have long-term or severe damage.

Warm Bath

Before you get an appointment with the veterinarian, you can shower your dragon in warm water, dry it, and carefully wash any discharge or crusting from its eye. This allows you to open your eyes, as well as it additionally alleviates your family pet of some discomfort while you await your visit with the vet.

Eye Drops

When you get to your veterinarian, they will most likely suggest an eye drop for you to use. Ensure you comply with the prescription to deal with the eye infection in your dragon’s eye. It would help if you kept in mind that more than eye drops are needed. It would help if you discovered the cause for the crusty eyes, which could be its diet plan or substrate. It would help if you handled these likewise, as their presence can frustrate the effort of the eye drops in recovering your dragon’s eyes.

How to stop your bearded dragon from having crusted-shut eyes

There are various methods you can avoid your dragon from experiencing the discomfort of having crusty eyes. They consist of the following;


Are you currently using a substrate that is particle-filled, like eco earth? I advise you to transform it into a shelf lining, reptile carpet, or ceramic tile. This will make it challenging for something to enter your family pet’s eyes. It will also decrease the impaction risks, another typical issue in the bearded dragon reptile.


The beginning of Bearded dragons is in Australia, where they spend their days enjoying the warmth of the sunlight and soaking up UV rays from the shining sun; this helps them maintain fit and be healthy and balanced.

After they’ve been recorded and developed into pet dogs, they still require exposure to UV lighting as it decreases eye infection threats. It likewise keeps your pet dog healthy and vital for as long as it lives.

Nonetheless, it would help if you took care when revealing your dragon to UV light not to reveal it to the incorrect lighting as this might trigger crusty eyes. Tube lights spread throughout the container are the most effective to utilize. Avoid using coiled light bulbs; they can also be vital for your pet’s eyes.


It would help if you did not keep the enclosure temperature at maximum levels since it will undoubtedly cause your dragon’s resistance to combat infections, including eye infections. You need to maintain daytime temperature levels at 75ºF to 85ºF; you should keep basking temperatures at 88ºF to 100ºF. You can go down the temperature to 70ºF at night.


Offering your bearded dragon a different, healthy, balanced diet enhances its body’s immune system to combat any infection, including eye infections. Guarantee they soak up adequate vitamin A by eating a varied and healthy diet consisting of peas and carrots.

Intestine lots of all your crickets well before you feed them with multivitamins that have high quality—this aids in keeping your pet solid and pleased for a long time.

Causes For Bearded Dragon Closed Eyes

This section will undoubtedly check out the usual reasons for a bearded dragon to close its eyes.

Damages To The Cornea

Sharp objects might harm a bearded dragon’s eyes in its room or by hostile behaviour from another beardie.

Another reason for cornea damage is a loose substratum, mainly if it includes sand.

These tiny sand particles will quickly get in their eyes and cause them not to open.

Bites from one more beardie or a remaining cricket might create eye injury and lead to infection or swelling, keeping your reptile from opening its eyes.

There are reptile drops to help displace the particles from your beardie’s eyes, yet you should be careful not to create any further damage.

You never need to use tap water to rinse your reptile’s eyes since the water is not sterile and may create an eye infection.


Dehydration is a typical reason a bearded dragon will close its eyes, and it is a problem because beardies tend not to consume alcoholic water from a dish.

In the wild, bearded dragons learn to identify relocating water from creeks or rivers, so they dislike still water in bondage.

Other signs of dehydration consist of sleepiness, irregular bowel movements, as well as sticky saliva.


Particular illnesses might likewise trigger your bearded dragon to keep its eyes shut.

Shut eyes are among the signs and symptoms of metabolic bone illness, in addition to the following:


Limb Deformities


Anorexia nervosa


Metabolic bone illness is incurable, and also, if you believe your bearded dragon could be experiencing it, you ought to seek vet care before the illness proceeds.

If you discover your bearded dragon maintains its eyes shut and there is nasal discharge and open-mouth breathing, this signifies an upper respiratory system infection.

These infections are common in reptiles and are usually because of improper humidity in the room.

Mites are also an issue for bearded dragons, and lousy hygiene techniques trigger them.

If your beardie does not open its eyes, you should check the location for the visibility of mites.

These tiny blood-suckers also hide in the ears and fold up on the lizard’s body.

You will additionally discover the mite’s faeces, which appear like flecks of dirt.

We have a comprehensive post on bearded dragon mites if you believe your animal might be having an issue with them.

You must likewise bear in mind your beardie’s look when it remains in the losing process.

This stuck shed will undoubtedly develop a movie over the eyes and make the beardie keep them shut.

Intense Lighting

If the light in your dragon’s enclosure is too intense, it will make the reptile keep its eyes closed or squint.

If the enclosure seems too tiny for the lighting you wish to use, it will be challenging to have a proper temperature level gradient, yet there will not be anywhere to escape the bright light.

Full-spectrum, spiral light bulbs, such as the ones created by plants, are too tiny to distribute UVB rays across the enclosure uniformly, and also they will certainly harm your beardie’s eyes.

A UVB tube light works efficiently, and using light timers guarantees you will certainly remember to turn the light on or off.

A schedule of 12 hrs on and 12 hours off will undoubtedly offer your beardie ample UVB light every day.

Vitamin Deficiency

It is not unique for a vitamin deficiency to be the resource of your bearded dragon’s eye troubles, precisely when it concerns vitamin A.

The deficiency also causes the reptile to have swollen eyes, preventing its ability to keep its eyes open.

Along with eye problems, a vitamin A deficiency triggers respiratory system problems and other swollen mucous membranes, such as gum tissues.

Dealing with a vitamin A deficiency is complicated since too much vitamin A is toxic for a bearded dragon.

You will require a supplement with beta carotene, which enables the reptile’s body to convert just what it needs into vitamin A.

It is likewise crucial to ensure your bearded dragon obtains adequate calcium and vitamin D3.

These two nutrients are crucial in preventing the metabolic bone condition, which triggers eye issues, extreme bone deformities, and painful death.

Calcium deficiency is easily avoidable with the proper calcium powder supplement.

Vitamin powder supplements are conveniently offered by dusting their food before feeding at least twice weekly.

The verdict on the Bearded dragon eye stuck shut

Crusted-closed eyes in a bearded dragon is a problem that has to be taken seriously if you discover it in your pet dog. If your bearded dragon exhibits the signs mentioned earlier, do not waver to take it to the vet. Please do this to avoid a total loss of sight for your pet dog.