Common Dog Injuries That Require Veterinarian Attention

Dogs are one of the best animals in the world. They provide us with companionship, happiness, and comfort when we need them most. However, just like any pet, they can be injured or sick in some way. Because of this reality, you have to be ready for any scenario that might happen while your dog is at home alone or maybe even playing outside with other dogs. We’re going to look at common dog injuries. If you notice any of them, visit a Dog Injuries Boulder veterinarian for the necessary medical attention.

Bites To The Tongue

Dogs may run into small accidents where their tongue gets bitten by accident either from their teeth or another dog’s teeth. This can create a situation where there’s bleeding inside the mouth, which causes swelling and infection if not properly taken care of right away.


Dogs can cut their skin by running through broken glass, wire, or other sharp objects. This type of wound requires immediate medical attention to prevent further damage and infections.


If your dog has been playing outside too much and they come back limping, then there might be something wrong with them such as arthritis or even pain from an injury. Make sure to immediately take your dog to the vet so you can determine what’s going on and how to properly treat it. It could even save your dog’s life.

Ear Infections

Dogs’ ears aren’t like humans’. They’re highly susceptible to germs and bacteria, and that’s why they need to be cleaned regularly along with taking care of them after swimming and bathing. Ear infections can come up and cause a lot of pain and discomfort for your dog, but luckily there are medications to treat this problem. If you notice a dark discharge, odor, and excessive head shaking, your furry buddy may have an ear infection that needs veterinarian attention.

Skin Allergies

Like humans, dogs can get certain allergies from different types of food or even touching something outside. If you notice your dog is scratching themselves regularly or not eating, then it’s time to take them in for a visit so you know exactly what they’re allergic to too. Once the proper medication is administered, this should relieve stress on the dog’s body.

Eye Injuries

This is another common dog injury. Eye injuries can be caused by a fight between two dogs where they scratch each other’s eyes or anything else that might damage their eyes. These injuries might cause temporary blindness, which can lead to serious accidents if your dog has been left alone for too long without supervision.

Foreign Body Ingestion

Dogs may also accidentally eat something they aren’t supposed to which can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal. If your dog eats chocolate, onions, garlic, or anything else that might wreak havoc on their stomach, then you need to take them in immediately so the vet can flush out whatever they ate.

There are many dog injuries you need to be aware of so you know exactly when they need help. Take your dog to the vet if something happens or if they’re just acting out of the ordinary. It could be a sign of something serious and can mean the difference between saving your precious animal’s life and losing it.