How to Ensure Your Lost Pet Will Be Returned Home Quickly and Safely

A lost pet is one of the scariest experiences ever. But did you know there are several ways that you can keep your pet safe and get them returned home? If you don’t want to lose your pet, it’s in your best interest to be as proactive as possible before you let them out of your sight.

With that said, here are some things you can do to make sure your furry friend is returned to you if they ever get lost.

Put a Collar on Them

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to make sure your lost pet is returned home is to put a collar on them. If for any reason they stray away from home, you want the person who finds them to give them back to you.

Be sure to use a collar that includes your contact information such as your address and telephone number. By doing so, you’ll significantly increase your chances getting your pet back.

If your animal doesn’t have a collar, when someone finds them, they may assume that your dog or cat is a stray. Without an identifier, they may take your pet as their own and never try to find the original owner.

Furthermore, if your pet’s tag doesn’t have any info on it, there’s no way for anyone to be able to locate you. So, make sure your pet has updated information on their collar!

Don’t Let Your Pet Roam Free

Part of being proactive is doing everything you can to shield your furry friend. The best way to prevent losing a pet is to keep an eye on them. It’s understandable that things happen and sometimes your pet can slip away without you noticing.

But you should never let them roam free. If you have a dog, install a fence around the backyard and try not to leave the gate open. Otherwise, they’ll escape. Only let them play in areas that are enclosed.

Furthermore, it’s never a good idea to let your pet roam the neighborhood. Some pet owners have learned a hard lesson by allowing their pets to play unsupervised and they never made it back home.

Put up Signs

If you want your pet returned home, you have to put the word out. Hang up lost signs with a picture of your animal and your contact information. You should also go door to door in your nearby community asking people if they’ve seen your dog or cat.

If you reach out to them personally, you’ll have a higher chance of locating your pet. Sometimes people aren’t paying attention to signs, so it’s best to print flyers and do an in-depth search.

Look for Them

In addition to passing out flyers and talking to the neighbors, ride around your community. Animals have a way of straying quite far when they get lost. Your pet could be in a completely different neighborhood or a mile or two away.

Drive around and scope the area closely. If you don’t have success on the first day, do it for several days and weeks. You never know what could happen.

Make Some Phone Calls

There could be a major reason why you’re pet hasn’t come home. Start by calling around to the pet control organizations in your area to see if your animal has been picked up. They may have seen your pet out and got them.

Also, call the pounds and rescue shelters. If someone found your furry friend, they may have taken them to a nearby shelter. Not only that, but if your pet was in danger, then a rescue shelter might have taken them in. Your goal is to make sure that your animal is safe and sound.

If you have no luck there, call around to the veterinarian hospitals in the area. If your pet was hit by a car or sick, they might have been taken to the vet for medical services.

Use a GPS tracker

One of the most creative ways to locate a lost pet is using a GPS tracker or microchip. This technology can directly locate your pet wherever they are. The only downside is that sometimes GPS trackers are unreliable. Even if you microchip your pet, if you change your contact information, you’ll still be hard to reach.

Not to mention, some people don’t like the idea of putting trackers or microchips on their pets.

Use a Pet Finding Service

If you’re not comfortable with passing out your personal information, that’s understandable. It’s easy for strangers to get a hold of your information, which is not always good for the safety of your family.

However, by using a pet locating service, you can ensure that your doggy or kitty comes back home. These types of services connect pet owners everywhere and allows you to create an identifier for your animal in case they are ever lost.

This is the step you want to take to be proactive and ensuring that if you ever lose your pet, you have a better way of reuniting with them.

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Reunite With Your Lost Pet

A lost pet doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Although there are situations where lost pets never make it back home, that doesn’t have to be your story. If you follow the suggestions above, you’ll be able to ensure the safety of your pet .

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