How To Pick the Perfect Pet Horse

Horses are a diverse species with hundreds of different breeds, and each one has unique characteristics. Some horses are easy to care for and train, while others have more challenging personalities. If you’re a first-time horse owner, it’s crucial to learn about the different types of pet horses before picking out your new best friend. Doing so will ensure that you choose a horse that is suitable for your skill level and needs.

This article will briefly explain the different varieties of horses and help you decide which pet horse is right for you!

Kinds of Horses

Although there are hundreds of horse breeds, we can group them into five main categories according to their characteristics.


Ponies are shorter than horses, measuring under 14.2 hands (4.5 feet). Initially, people used ponies for similar activities as horses, such as pulling wagons, carrying loads, or riding.

Today, many people use ponies to teach their children to ride. Due to their shorter stature, kids find them less intimidating and can care for them easily.

Another favorite animal among children is a miniature horse pet. These tiny horses are around three feet tall and are primarily for companionship.

Warmbloods or Sporting Horses

Warmbloods are the horses that you see in equestrian events. They were bred by crossing draft horses with Thoroughbreds and Arabians. As a result, they are athletic and calm horses.

Gaited Horses or Saddlebreds

Gaited horses are known for their graceful movements. In the past, people used them for long-distance journeys since they are easy to ride. Today, these horses are still one of the most popular choices for riding.

Light Types

Although these horses are not as little as ponies, they are much smaller than the average horse. Light types such as Appaloosas and American Paints were prevalent among cowboys, who used them for herding.

Other light types include Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds.

Draft Horses

Most people associate draft horses with the largest horse breed. One type of draft horse is the Clydesdale, a colossal horse known for its strength and ability to pull heavy loads.

Historically, people used draft horses for farm work or for riding in battle.

Picking the Perfect Pet Horse

Now that you have a general comprehension of horse breeds, it’s time to think about which is best for you. Here are some things to consider.

Horse vs. Pony

If you’re getting a horse for your child or teen, getting a pony may seem like the best choice. However, if you believe that your child will outgrow the pony quickly, it may be better to get a horse.

Riding Experience

If you don’t have much experience riding horses, looking for a breed with a docile temperament is essential. Spirited horses will likely be too much to handle and can even be dangerous for new riders.

Some of the best breeds for beginners include Tennessee Walkers and American Quarter Horses. Meanwhile, if you’re an advanced rider, you can choose a faster or more athletic horse, such as a Thoroughbred.

Type of Riding

Trail riders should choose a breed that is comfortable to ride, like an American Saddlebred.

Yet, if you’ll be training for shows or events with your horse, you’ll need a breed known for strength and jumping ability. A great example is the Dutch Warmblood.

Bringing Your Pet Horse Home

Choosing a pet horse is a huge decision that you should consider carefully. Nevertheless, this choice is made much easier when you understand the differences between the most common breeds.

If you want to know more or need help researching pet names for horses, be sure to check out more of our exciting content!