Preparing for New Pets: A Quick Guide

Did you know that getting a pet can help improve your mood and improve brain functioning?

Pets do a whole lot more than a cuddle and eat the food that you get them— they are excellent companions.

If you are getting a new pet for yourself or the family, there are a couple of ways to prepare before they come home.

Continue reading to discover the most important steps to take when bringing new pets home for the first time!

Protect Your Items

The first step in preparing for new pets to come home is to protect your items and furniture.

Pet-proofing your home before you bring home an additional family member will be worth the time and energy. If you are bringing home a puppy or kitten, they are very likely to scratch at things and chew on them.

If you have anything meaningful that you don’t want to get damaged, cover it up or put it away before you bring them home.

Create a Space for Them

One of the most important things to do when getting a new pet is to create an area for them.

Whether you are getting a rescue animal from the shelter or got your from a breeder, they will want personal space. If you bought a kennel for your pet, try to make the area comfortable and away from distractions.

When your pet comes home for the first time they might be excited or nervous. Having a spot with toys, food, and water already set up will help make them more comfortable and adjust to the new setting.

Gather Supplies

When caring for a pet, there are many things that you will need to buy.

Aside from food and treats, you will want to get your new furry pet toys and a bed. After getting their kennel, you can buy kennel cleaning supplies here that are quite effective. Don’t wait to make all of these purchases until you bring your pet home, otherwise, they may not get their needs met in time.

Take a look at supply lists that people use when caring for pets. This will give you a better idea of what you need to buy.

Clean Your House

Although you might be bringing a pet in the home that isn’t potty-trained, you should still do some deep cleaning.

While potty-training your dog or litter-training your cat, accidents might occur in the house. If the house is cleaned, picking up these small messes won’t seem overwhelming. The first few weeks of owning your new pet might limit your time to clean as well.

Stock up on cleaning supplies so that when accidents do happen, you are prepared!

New Pets with No Stress

Taking care of new pets is stressful, but with the right preparation, you will do it with ease.

Preparing your home for your pet’s arrival is one of the best things to do. Not only does it make the transition easier on your new addition, but also you. You won’t have to run around at the last minute picking up food and supplies.

It is also beneficial to prepare for pets so that you don’t get your belongings damaged when a chewer walks through the door.

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