These Animals Are The Friendliest To Humans

In the last couple of years, pet ownership has skyrocketed, with over 84 million people in the US alone owning a pet, according to statistics on Review42. Many people love pets, whether their own, pets owned by others or animals in general. However, not everyone who enjoys being around animals knows the benefits they offer.

Key advantages of having a pet include increased confidence, entertainment, emotional balance, and friendship. Note that animals from different species possess unique qualities. Some are dangerous, while others are friendly. Keep reading to find out what animals are friendliest to humans, and which ones you should choose when preparing for new pets.

Horses for Emotional Support

Horses are majestic and loyal animals, and they’re often associated with people who live a luxurious lifestyles. They share a long history of friendship with humans since their domestication in 4000 B.C. To this day, horses remain valued animals as they are useful for farm work, entertainment, transportation, and police work. But these aren’t the only reasons people keep horses.

For those who love animals, horses are perfect pets for companionship and emotional support. Because of their social nature, horses are friendly to humans and provide many mental health benefits. For decades, people have been incorporating horses into therapy to enhance their overall mental well-being. Commonly known as equine-assisted therapy, horse therapy, which involves grooming, horse riding, and feeding, boosts one’s confidence, trust and empathy levels, emotional awareness, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Calm Companionship from Pet Swans

Besides being beautiful, swans are the friendliest birds in the world. These glorious birds live in calm and peaceful environments and caring for them is easy. One of the enchanting facts about swans is that they are intelligent and have an excellent memory. With that said, a swan will remember you depending on how you treat it.

If you’re kind to these gorgeous birds, they’ll definitely be friendly to you. But if you try to harm them, their partners or babies, they can be fierce and hurt you. If you wish to keep a swan as a pet, make sure you treat it well. Remember, you can always use your voice to get close to swans, as they are soothed by the human voice easily.

Surprisingly Gentle Capybaras

They may be wild, semi-aquatic animals, but capybaras are some of the friendliest animals. These giant rodents are social, gentle, relaxed, and genial. Because of these attributes, capybaras have lived peacefully with humans for hundreds of years. Some people keep capybaras as pets, while others domesticate them for their fur, meat, hide, and grease.

Keeping a capybara as a pet is an excellent idea because of their harmless nature. However, these rodents can be aggressive if threatened. When agitated, capybaras make a short bark-like sound and they bite. If you wish to own a capybara, make sure you treat it gently to enhance safety in your household.

Dogs and Their Unwavering Loyalty

These furry animals are undoubtedly man’s best friend. Dogs are not just friendly, they are faithful and understand the emotions of humans more than other animals. If you’re a dog lover, you know that your furry friend loves you unconditionally and will provide devoted companionship and endless entertainment. But why are dogs friendly to humans, you may ask? According to a report on, several studies link the friendly behavior of dogs to genes. The studies also reveal that humans and dogs strengthen their bonds more by gazing at each other.

If you own a dog, your pet will always be happy to see you. Dogs, regardless of breed, show their affection by wagging their tails, wiggling their body, and licking you. Their loyalty lasts a lifetime and you might wonder why your dog is loyal. As a pet owner, it’s important to know that your dog’s loyalty comes from their dependence on humans for resources. Dogs don’t have a choice but remain loyal to their human parents because they don’t know any other way to behave.

Fun and Friendly Dolphins

There’s no doubt that dolphins are the most loved aquatic animals. After all, they are intelligent, fun, and friendly. These finned animals possess social skills and are mostly harmless to humans. Too often, dolphins are spotted following boats and being playful with humans and other animals.

While dolphins are friendly, they are wild animals, meaning they are hunters and not beggars, as many people assume. So, it’s important to be cautious whenever you’re near them. There are many reasons to admire dolphins from a distance. Since dolphins learn to beg for food, feeding them changes their hunting behavior. They become too friendly and do potentially dangerous things, such as swimming near boat propellers which can cause serious injuries. Dolphins can also be aggressive and cause serious harm to humans. By admiring dolphins from afar, you’ll ensure their safety and your wellbeing.

Cute and Social Guinea Pigs

Many people assume the guinea pig is a pig, but the truth is, these animals are rodents. Besides being beautiful creatures, guinea pigs are friendly to humans. Because of this, many people choose to domesticate these animals and keep them as pets. Guinea pigs or cavies are herbivores, and they live up to four years, and respond well to handling and feeding.

Another aspect that makes them friendly to humans is their great vocals. To ensure you maintain a lasting relationship with guinea pigs, keep them happy and healthy. Given guinea pigs love to play, invest in toys and build hiding tunnels. Also, ensure your guinea pig feeds on vegetables and fruits. Remember, you need to be patient with your cavy, as it will take about two months to get used to you.

For centuries, humans have been domesticating animals and keeping them as pets. Dogs are the most kept pets around the world because of their loyal nature. However, these are not the only friendly animals on earth. If you’re an animal lover, you can establish long-term relationships with capybaras, guinea pigs, swans, horses, rabbits, house cats, and even giant pandas. While keeping a dolphin is quite challenging, it’s one of the friendliest aquatic animals. Dolphins are smart and love bonding with humans, as they are often seen following boats and ships. All these animals are gentle and have a history of forming lasting friendships with humans.