Why won’t my bearded dragon let me hold him?

Bearded dragons are very docile, pleasant, and also affectionate animals. Usually, bearded dragons delight in being held in physical calls and even start to cuddle their owners. So when a bearded dragon is opposed to being stored, many owners question it.

Why would not my bearded dragon let me hold him any longer? While it does base on the dragon-to-dragon, it typically relates to an absence of count on the partnership.

This blog post will discuss why your bearded dragon may be averse to being held. Along with actions, you can develop even more trust in the partnership and ideally accumulate to a factor where you can have and cuddle your bearded dragon.

Reasons that your bearded dragon won’t let you choose him up

Previous Owners

Bearded dragons have a lot of terrific qualities. One of those qualities is their excellent memories. They mainly have the propensity to recognize as well as remember their owners. They can remember your fragrance and consider other famous household participants, like spouses and children.

That said, when a bearded dragon has a previous owner that might have treated them improperly, they can be extra timid when it involves people and engaging with people. If your dragon appears abnormally afraid or skiddish after that, the previous owner may not have taken the most effective treatment of him.

Even if this happens does not indicate your bearded reptile will never intend to be held once more. Later in this message, we will review ways to develop trust funds between you and your bearded dragon. Building trust might take longer than with younger bearded dragons who have not been improperly managed, yet it is still feasible to reach that level with your bearded dragon.

If your bearded dragon usually feels nervous, it may not wish to be held or intend to rest still. Since bearded dragons like to run around and hide when they’re anxious, when they seem eager or like too much energy, consider looking into various other areas of their lives to see if you can reduce some anxiety.

Right here are a few considerations why your dragon may be appearing a little stressed out:

Improper Tank Size: if your storage tank is too tiny for your bearded dragon, this can produce a lot of anxiousness. Inspect graphs or consult your local reptile shop to see that your bearded dragon has sufficient space to dig, conceal, and roam.

New Decorations in the Vivarium: facial hair dragons are exceptionally watchful and can inform quickly when something is various: especially when that modification is happening in their container. Impulsive transformation in tank decorations has been known to upset bearded dragons.

New Area in Residence: same with a change in the tank’s decor. If they have just recently moved to a new place in the house, this can cause anxiety and extra power.

Excessive Noise: These dragons have a fantastic hearing. While some owners have seen their dragons become extra sharp and appear to such as songs, various other bearded dragons seem the opposite and show up to do not like music or sound– specifically if it’s as well loud. If you lately have started playing music or have relocated an audio speaker closer to your tank, think about moving the speaker away, as this could create stress and anxiety.

Need More Playtime: bearded dragons require great play and excitement. If you’re having a tough time holding your bearded dragon since they do not want to rest still, think about playing with them first and then holding them again after playtime.

Insufficient Food: inadequate Food is enough to make any individual stressed. Examine that your bearded dragon is well-fed if you have a problem holding them in your arms.

Intimidated by Reflections: sometimes the glass in your tank is also vacant and the representation of your bearded dragon. They see it suffices to make them distressed and mad. A lot of proprietors have to landscape their containers by putting in sufficient decorations to where they can get rid of that representation.

Bonding Time And Also Count On – why won’t my bearded dragon let me hold him

It’s everything about trust funds. That’s why making a good impression (or numerous, actually) is essential to get your bearded dragon made use of to be dealt with.

A great deal of trust fund enters into bonding with a bearded dragon. Think of it– you’re a giant human, and also selecting them up as well quickly or too aggressively might distress your bearded dragon to the point where it does even more harm than good. Be sure to review the cues your bearded dragon produces.

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Avoid sudden, jerky activities when handling your bearded dragon. This is precisely the case for the first time. It’s ideal for holding your dragon in a quiet, tranquil atmosphere and ensuring that you’re comfortable also because you do not intend to make any abrupt activities while your bearded dragon is beginning to trust you.

Go slowly. Rather than reaching down to scoop him up, try cuddling him or patting him initially. Obtain him used to speak to, get him used to your odour, and contact him accustomed to your touch. It’s about child actions and ensuring your bearded dragon is always comfortable.


Similar to humans, every bearded dragon has their very own unique personality. People often like to be touched, while others do not. This holds with bearded dragons too.

You may have a bearded dragon that can be touched/handled less than the general bearded dragon. However, do not be afraid! There are still plenty of ways you and your bearded dragon can bond without the physical call.

Giving your bearded dragon a ball to play with, allowing him to discover your residence, and walking around the community are all fun methods to hang around with your bearded dragon.


Many bearded dragons obtain comfortable rapidly and will certainly even wish to snuggle up and go to sleep in their arms.

Several owners additionally report their bearded dragon taking pleasure in a soft fabric to snuggle up to. Consider drawing out a smooth covering or bed for your bearded dragon to cuddle right into when they’re in your arms.

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It is necessary to remember that coverings are just for the comfort of your bearded dragon and not to generate actual warmth. As we review in an additional blog post, coverings only provide heat for your bearded dragon (unless overheated) because they are cold-blooded. However, soft surfaces can assist with convenience, safety, security, and cuddling.

Appropriate Handling

When getting your bearded dragon, always manage them correctly and provide enough support.

Do not grab your bearded dragon by the tail because they can break short. You require to assist your bearded dragon from the bottom under. Assistance the tail to ensure that the bearded dragon does not drop or twitch around, which can trigger it to suffer injury.

See to it that your bearded dragon fits as well as support. It’s about discovering an equilibrium– you don’t wish to hold your bearded dragon snugly to where he is unpleasant or worried; however, you also don’t wish to keep him loose to where he can drop. It involves finding the right setting and paying attention to your bearded dragon.

If you sense your bearded dragon is unpleasant, place him down. If you notice your bearded dragon wishes to check out and stroll on your body, let him. It’s genuinely regarding letting your bearded dragon take the reins as well as you adhere.

Exactly how To Tame a Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are among the most manageable behaviours of nearly any reptile that people may maintain as family pets. These habits make them so eye-catching to prospective pet dog proprietors.

Although bearded dragons have an excellent mindset, it can take a while and persistence to tame one.

In some uncommon cases, bearded dragons can police officers with an awful disposition. This usually occurs when a bearded dragon has not been managed significantly or after being mistreated and abused. Find out how to tame a bearded dragon to establish a better partnership with your pet.

Taming a Bearded Dragon: why won’t my bearded dragon let me hold him? Answered.

The right thing you can do to train a bearded baby dragon is to begin interacting with it soon after you bring it house.

You don’t intend to begin managing it at once because it requires little time to adapt to the new surroundings.

Wait two or three weeks after you bring the baby bearded dragon house before you begin the interactions.

Slowly relocate your hand into the enclosure and watch how it reacts. If the baby bearded dragon dives, retreats, or trembles down, you should offer it more time. These reactions are typically an indicator of worry. It’s alright. It will obtain accustom to you if you proceed a little daily.

Once the baby fits with your petting, you can start to choose it up and handle it. Slowly place your hand around its mid-section and gently realize the bearded baby dragon. When you have a company, yet gentle understanding of the bearded dragon, start raising it gradually from the habitat.

It is essential to keep a relatively consistent regimen when taming your bearded baby dragon. Daily interaction will undoubtedly go a long way in constructing an excellent, long-lasting connection.

If you interact with your baby bearded dragon regularly, after picking up several months, you may need to begin at the primary step again. The trick is to be relatively consistent.

Taming an Adult Bearded Dragon

Taming can be tricky if you acquire a bearded dragon already at the grown-up stage. The convenience of taming the adult will considerably depend on how they treated it before you got it.

Grown-up bearded dragons that were never managed previously or maltreated might initially resist any petting or managing.

Once again, it will take some determination and patience on your part.

Once the grown-up bearded dragon has acclimated to the brand-new surroundings, slowly lower your hand right into the environment. Keep a close eye on just how it reacts. If it blows its beard as well as hisses, after that, it feels threatened.

Attempt slowly massaging its back and also the tail very delicately. Once more, observe just how it responds. You might need some fast reflexes if it tries to snap or bite at you.

Continue this stroking a little every day. Within a month or so, the adult ought to start obtaining comfort with you, and you can select it up from the habitat.

The Family pet the bearded dragon lightly on the head. After that, move your hand gently around its midsection. The first time you select it, it might offer you an amusing appearance. It’s OK. The adult is simply wondering what you are up to.

Carefully begin lifting him out of the enclosure with one hand and gently brushing his head and back with the other hand. If the bearded dragon is wholly expanded, you may require using both hands to hold him. You certainly do not want to drop it!

Two Cents on why won’t my bearded dragon let me hold him.

The most effective point to remember is to be consistent and constant when taming a bearded dragon. It’s the continuous communication that will certainly assist your bearded dragon in obtaining your depend on. It takes time, patience, and a little job, like any relationship. The connection you develop with your bearded dragon is no different.