Calico Cat Personality: Fact or Fiction?

Are you a cat person? 24.5% of households in the United States own a cat, yet only 12% of people prefer cats.

If you’re a cat lover, chances are you’ve heard of Calico cats, but don’t know much about their personalities. In this article, you’ll learn more about them and the unique Calico cat personality.

What Does Calico Refer To?

It is a common misconception that Calico is a breed. It actually refers to the coloring and pattern in their coat. Calico fur has tri-color patterns with patches of orange, black, and white.

They are often confused with Tortoiseshell cats due to similar coloring. You can tell the two apart based on the patterns. Tortoiseshell cats have a swirl of these colors but Calico cats have patches of color.

The Calico Cat Personality

Because the Calico coloring occurs throughout different breeds, their personalities are unpredictable. There are a few identifiable Calico cat personality traits that you’ll find in plenty of Calicos.


Tortitude describes the personality of both Tortoiseshell and Calico cats. The nickname refers to the sassy, strong-willed, and independent attitude often attributed to these cats.


Calico cat personality characteristics can be quirky and neurotic. Quirks are different for every cat but can involve unique play habits, bath time struggles, and strange routines.


Calicos are more vocal due to their sassy nature. They will meow endlessly for more attention, food, or to get their way.


Although Calico cats are headstrong, they are also loyal and loving. They often enjoy curling up in their owner’s lap, playing, and other children or pets.

Calico Breeds

Calicos appear in a wide range of cat breeds, so they are difficult to list in one place. Depending on the breed some Calicos will have different intensities in their coloring. Cats on the lower end of this color intensity are known as a dilute Calico.

Common Calico breeds are Japanese Bobtails, American Shorthairs, Persian, and Maine Coon. You won’t find Calicos in solid-color and pointed breeds, like Russian Blue, Siamese, Himalayan, or Bombay.

Fun Facts About Calicos

These cats originated in Egypt but now exist throughout the world. Below are some fun facts that make Calicos so interesting to cat lovers.

A Chance Occurrence

You can’t intentionally breed a Calico due to their unique genetic makeup. Their unique colors occur at random. A kitten born with a standard coat is just as likely.


Male Calico cats are rare, occurring only once in every 3000 Calicos. The males are also born sterile due to their extra X-chromosome.

A Symbol of Luck

Around the world, Calicos are a symbol of good luck. They even have the nickname “money cat” in some areas.

In Japan, they are the official symbol of good luck. You may have even seen one of the lucky cat figurines depicting a Calico.

Calicos Are Interesting and Beautiful Creatures

While the Calico cat personality isn’t akin to a specific breed, they are still interesting and beautiful creatures. Their personality quirks and colorful coats make them ideal pets for many cat owners.

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