A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Tough and Indestructible Dog Beds for Power Chewers

Just like humans, every dog has different personalities and quirks that everyone adores. Even if those quirks involve excessive chewing and gnawing of their own beds, this behavior can get outright destructive when left alone. Moreover, it’s costly when you have to replace their toys and dog beds every few months. And while they can sleep anywhere they want, a dog bed is essential to ensure the comfort of your canine friends.

Why Does Your Dog Chew Their Beds?

There may be times where your dog leaves a trail of chewed household items and toys around your house, with some occasions involving finding out that their dog beds are mutilated because of their excessive chewing. This will annoy you, but to help your dog, you have to first understand the reasons behind their chewing behavior. Also Read – How to Crate Train Your Labrador Puppy At Night


Teething is common when you have a puppy at the age of four (4) to six (6) months old in your household. During this time, puppies chew on different things to relieve their aching gums and teeth. These pups are relatively young and also still learning to navigate in their surroundings by chewing.

You can help your puppy by getting them a chew toy designed for teething pups. They can play with the toy instead of them chewing their own beds.


Dogs are active animals that enjoy a lot of physical activities. They have enormous amounts of energy, that’s why they can get restless easily. Due to boredom, they can turn their attention to chewing numerous household belongings, including their beds, to pass the time.

Among all of the reasons why your dog chews their beds, this is the easiest one to solve. You can easily take your dog for a walk around your neighborhood or to the park. This activity can be both your bonding time and exercise rolled into one.


Chewing, however destructive it can get, can bring comfort to your dog, especially if they are anxious or under extreme stress. The symptoms of stress are commonly exhibited by dogs’ ages one (1) to three (3) years old. Your dogs can get stressed out due to additional or losing a family member, separation anxiety, grief, loud noise, and many more.

Be observant and recall when your dog exhibited the symptoms of stress. When you can find out the source of their stress, you can develop a plan on how to help your dog.


Just like babies, your dog cannot directly tell you that they are ill or in pain. Unfortunately, dogs will resort to using excessive behaviors, including self-harm and chewing. Chewing helps your dog to occupy their minds instead of thinking about the pain, or they are becoming slightly delirious.

If you know your dog’s illness, you can give them medicine to help ease their pain. If not, go to the veterinarian so that they can find out the cause of your dog’s pain.

As you can see, there are various reasons why your dog chews your household belongings, their toys, and especially their beds. Just remember, if your dog’s uncontrolled chewing behavior is left unattended, this may cause serious problems for both of you in the future.

What Key Features to Look for in Buying Tough and Indestructible Dog Beds

Choosing the best dog bed for your lovely pet should not solely be based on its design and aesthetic. You have to put your dog’s comfort and safety first, especially if they are power chewers. So, the next time you are out shopping for a new chew proof dog bed, remember the following guidelines to ensure a worthy purchase.


First things first, you have to find a dog bed of the right size for your dog. A bed where it can accommodate your dog’s full length and height as well as withstand all of their weight. Take your dog’s measurements if you want an accurate size and weight to compare when you’re shopping for the bed. Buying a bigger bed is always better than a small one.


Always check the details of the dog bed you are planning to purchase. Find out what materials they used in making that bed to ensure if it can last for a long time and not rip-off after a couple of uses. Dog beds made with reinforced and abrasion-resistant materials are always in demand.

If you want an indestructible bed, make sure it is made of sturdy materials such as Kevlar, Canvas, or Ballistic Nylon. These materials are sturdy enough that your dog’s teeth or paws cannot easily pierce the bed’s surface to create a hole. Also, look out for beds with webbed or double stitching for extra durability. Dog beds made with durable materials are always a wise purchase. Suggested – What Are Cat Constipation Remedies?


When shopping for a dog bed, always remember the comfort of its user. You may think that you will have to compromise the dog bed’s durability if you want to prioritize the comfort of your pets, but that’s not going to happen. You can purchase a chew proof dog bed without compromising anything.

Soft and plush material may be comfortable, but they are not very strong. To achieve both comfort and durability, find a dog bed made with sturdy and stable materials with a lot of cushioning or internal padding. There are many flexible materials to choose from that can provide you both the durability and comfort you need for your dog.

Chewing Resistance

For a dog bed to be chew-proof, it has to have lesser to zero chewing opportunities. That is why purchase a dog bed with few or no gaps, ties, and zippers. This will ensure that your dog can’t have anything to latch to. Also, avoid dog beds with extras frills and cloth around their edges.

There are certain materials you do not want your dog to ingest in-case they gnaw their beds. Not to mention it’s costly when you have to repeatedly purchase another dog bed because your dog destroyed their current bed, which is why it’s a wise decision to invest in good quality chew-proof dog beds.


Buying a tough and indestructible dog bed will not solve the problem of your dog’s excessive chewing behavior. However, paired with proper training and planning, it will help your dog break a nasty habit. Nevertheless, investing in a durable chew proof dog bed will always be the right move.

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