How To Tell How Old The Kitten Is? Whats Kitten’s True Age?

Hey, everyone hopes you all are doing good with your cute little pets. Our cute little kittens will look cute even when they are growing. We will also care about them as our child. How to tell how old the kitten is,what is the ideal age to have a Cat?

But we should know what is your little kitten’s age is. Trust me that’s a difficult part to tell about a kitten’s true age. Sometimes they just follow us to our home then they stay in our hearts forever.

Your cat is not a stray cat but a well-paid exotic Cat?

Your breeder must have told you the real age of the kitten but what if they didn’t, we can’t trust them with our whole heart but sometimes we have to confirm on our own.

So how to tell how old the kitten is or if your kitten is fully grown into an adult cat? Then, please let us help you by telling you how to tell a cat’s age.

What Should I Observe And Watch To Tell My Cat’s Age?

1. Their Teeth

If your cat is still a small little kitten then it will easy for you to understand their age. Since they haven’t grown much.

Your kitten will have incisors teeth (Fangs alike tooth) when they are 2 weeks old or maybe 3 weeks but not more than that. Your kitten will have about a full set of temporary teeth one or two will be missing then their age is about 8 weeks old.

Congratulations your kitten just broke his first teeth then your kitten is 3 months old. She is getting permanent adult teeth now.

You can say your kitten is now half a year old. Their temporary teeth are replaced by adult teeth, making your kitten an adult now. But you will still have to examine their teeth to understand their age more precisely.

Do check permanent teeth are normally larger if we compare them with temporary teeth. If their teeth are still whitish then they are a little older than 6 months. If their teeth in the back are getting yellowish then there are older than a year or maybe 1.5 years old.

As your cat will get older, its teeth will lose their white color. The formation of tartar a yellowish substance, and will cover up the back of its teeth. As your cat’s teeth will get yellowish their age will be estimated around 3 to 5 years.

Because tartar has taken over all the teeth of your cat, your cat’s teeth will now start falling off slowly. Now they are getting old thereby their teeth will start to fall off one by one. You will find your cat’s age is 6 to 10 years old.

You should start taking care of your cat now and always look after them because their immune system is getting weaker now.

2. Look In Their Eyes For More Understanding

Your cat’s eyes are amazing and you should learn to read them too. To understand how to tell how old the kitten is.

Your newborn kitten will open their eyes when they are 10 days old. At this stage, your kitten will need their mother all the time and will feed on the cat’s milk only and if the mother is not available because of some reason then you should give full-time attention to them.

Ok, now your kitten has opened their eyes and are moving here and there then it is a healthy condition our kitten will develop felines slowly as they are growing. Your cat will develop full cloudy eyes with a layer of felines then your cat is out of a newborn state.

3. Changes In Their Behavior And Nature

Your tiny kitten won’t be tiny forever but their tiny behavior will stay with them for some years.

Your cat will have sexual maturity and you will observe the behavior changes in them. Their joint will become stronger so their bones will look larger which will eventually make them look skinny but your cat is strong at this stage and simply won’t get hurt by falling from fewer heights.

As your cat will become an adult he will reach out for long-distance for a partner and will return home back. They will start caterwauling, a loud noise which will irritate you too much because they are calling out mates.

The behavior changes will be seen in both male and female both because their body heat if growing more and more. And if they don’t mate soon then they will become aggressive.

When You Should Adopt Or Buy A Cat?

According to the Cat specialist and Doctors, a kitten should stay with her mother. They should stay with their siblings and other cats so they can behave like a cat more. They will understand how to live with other cats when they will grow up.

The age for a cat to be adopted should be at least 12 weeks of age. And their weight should be at least two pounds or 1.5 Kg. And by following guidelines for kittens to be adopted from a home is at least two months of age.

Some shelters do offer a premeditation program, in this program parents are invited to have a pet then they will take care of their pet in the shelter until they are two months old. But it’s always better to have a kitten with litter. 


It is always important to take care and look after a cat. If you don’t give enough time to your cat then they get mentally detached and unhealthy.

You should always check your pet’s age before getting one because you will have to understand cats of a certain age. Every cat behaves differently in its age period.

A kitten behaves and acts carelessly and does what they desire so it is important to let your cat understand you at this age.

A sexually mature cat behaves aggressively when its needs are not fulfilled and may attack you accidentally. At this stage of age, you should do their breeding otherwise they will leave your house and might return.

When your cat gets old it won’t act much playful and will sit still until they wish to play or just go on a walk.

With all reasons above you will surely understand a cat and how to tell how old the kitten is, you and your tiny kitten will stay together forever.