Cat Life Stages: Everything To Know About Cat Age

Hi, hello to every person reading this, we hope you are okay and doing good! As you have read the topic of today’s article, today all we are gonna talk about is cat age and stages in cat’s life.

Just by looking at your cat, you might not get the idea that how much old she is or what is her age and what is her human age!

You also might not know what is human age for cats! But no worries. keep reading this article, I will tell you all about cat age and their stages in life and their human age!

Why Knowing Cat Age Is Important?

Why should I know my cat’s age? What is the reason? And why is it so important?

As we humans grow bigger, old, and become mature, accordingly our mind, our brain, our body demands nutrition and care. this is the same case in cats. If you know your cat’s age then you will be able to take care of her in a much better way! You will be able to provide her the nutrition she seeks most at that stage of her life!

If you are not able to find your cat’s age, no worries just take your cat to the vet and he/she will let you know, and also vet will provide a descriptive list of food, nutrition your cat should take in according to her age.

How To Calculate The Human-Cat Age Of My Cat

Well, many people/ cat owners out there still believe in the seven-year rule, which let me tell you a myth. That is very inappropriate information as cats age much faster than seven years in the early life stages!

You might not believe it but that is true that cat ages way much more than we humans.

All you have to do to know to cat’s age in human years, you have to consider the first year of your cat’s age to be 15 years of human age, and by the second year of your cat’s age, she will be no less than 25 years old pretty girl if she were human.

It is crazy, is not it? Yeah. This is how fast she grows if we calculate its human age!

How many stages does the cat have in her life? And what are they?

Normally, cats live for approximately 13-15 years on this earth.

As they grow into bigger meow, they learn things, their behavior changes, they get mature, they understand.

According to INTERNATIONAL CAT CARE, a cat’s life has 6 stages, while going through these stages she learns everything, and lives most of it! A growing number of cat’s age makes her mature!

Six Stages Of A Cat’s Life!

1. Kitten Stage (Zero To Six Months Old)

Kitten Cat Stage
Kitten Cat Stage

At the cat age of zero to six months old, she is 5 years old in human age!

She is so small, it is like the new baby just learned how to walk talk, and be around.

This is the stage where she needs all of your care and love and affection. She will try to explore everything, she will jump, crawl and do activities that are not good for herself! But you as her parent will have to take responsibility for her and take care of her! if you get the kitten, please kitten proof your house first!.

That is find a safe place for cable wires where your cat can not reach, cover all your vents and small doors/windows you have at your house, keep plants in such a space where she can not find them!

2. Junior Cat Stage (Seven Months To 2 Years Old)

Junior Cat Stage
Junior Cat Stage

At the cat age of 2 years, she is 24 years old in human age!

The junior life stage is the same as the human teenage years. For the period of this stage, a cat is unable to find her childish presence as she grasps physical and sexual maturity. She also grows too big for her kitten behavior and becomes peaceful into her factual personality.

She will require a lesser amount of command. Physical activity at this stage is in the main round strengthening rules and limitations and constant socialization.

3. Prime Cat Stage (Three To Six Years Old)

Prime Cat Stage
Prime Cat Stage

At the cat age of three to six year old your cat in human years is in her twenties thirties! A cat at this stage ought to be at the highest of healthiness and bodily fitness. She’s as lengthy and tall as she’s going to get and be duty-bound to be jam-packed out but not overheavy, with a smooth body and a hale and hearty, shiny coat.

the temperament your cat shows now is the character she will be having for the rest of her lifetime. She should be duty-bound to be full of life and full of fun, with her practices and her ground deep-rooted.

4. Mature Cat Stage (Seven To Ten Years Old)

Mature Cat Stage
Mature Cat Stage

At the cat age of seven years to 10 years your cat is equivalent to the middle-aged humans that are humans in their forties and fifties.

On the outside, your developed cat might give the impression no different than a cat in her prime, particularly if she remnants full of life. Cats in this life stage are more inclined to weightiness increase and fatness, however, so it’s not uncommon for her to put on heaviness, and her fur might bring into losing some of its shines.

5. Senior Cat Stage (Eleven To Fifteen Years Old)

Senior Stage
Senior Cat Stage

At the cat age of eleven to fifteen years, your cat is like a human in their sixties and seventies. They have aged now, they have grown so much, all they need now is the care and so much cuddling to make their bond stronger with you.

Also as she is aged you might see white furs more on her skin and also she will get weak and lazy and will move less but that is all okay as she might be facing arthritis.

At this stage of her life please take her to the vet constantly and take care of her!

6. Geriatric Cat Stage ( Super-Senior Stage)( Cat Age Above 15)

Geriatric Staze
Geriatric Cat Staze

At the cat age of 15+, it will have human age of 80+. This stage is seen as very rare in cats as most of them leave this world while growing up to 15 years.

If your cat is 15+, all you have to do is take her for a regular checkup and take care of her so much, she needs you the most at that time.

Bottom Line

For those who are looking to have a cat as their pet animal, this article would be useful. Also, the information shared in this article will gives you the complete idea on calculating the cat’s age in human years.