Cat’s Years To Human Years: How To Calculate Your Cat’s Age

Many of us have heard of seven-year rules that everyone used to follow to know their cat’s age! That rule is a myth! The actual motive of the seven-year rule was to tell people that cats age much faster than humans! Now you might be confused that how do I calculate cat’s years to human years?

Well, that thing is very easy! Want to know how? Keep reading let us get into it.

Why Is The Calculation Of Cat’s Years To Human Years Is Important?

This topic is not just some fun game or anything, this has a motive behind it of course.

Calculation of cat years to human years is very important because this helps your cat’s pets vet to know that from 6 stages of the cat’s life which is she/he living right now!

This helps the vet to choose the right medicine and injections and many more things!

How To Calculate Cat’s Years To Human’s Years

Well, the first thing to know when you are calculating your cat’s years to human years is that cats age so much faster in human years than you have ever imagined in two years of their life!

And the cats live 13-15 years! These years are enough to teach them all the maturity that we humans learn is 70-80 years! The most aged cat till now has lived 38 years! That is insane, isn’t it? ( cat years to human years –> 13-15 cat years equals 70-80 human years.)

Now that you know the above things or facts let’s see how you calculate cat years to human years!

When your cat is in the kitten stage that is so small, young, and rapidly growing and is not sexually mature that of 0 to 6 months old then it is 10 YEARS OLD in human age. Take care of her she is small and immature. (0-6 months old cat years to human years is 10 )

When your cat is in the junior stage of her life that is 7 months old to 2 years, then it is trying to figure out how to live and how to grow herself and how to survive in this life of her, so it is 15 TO 24 YEARS OLD in human age. Love her during this stage she is trying/learning new things! ( 2 years old  cat’s years to human years is 24 )

When your cat is 3 to 6 years old she is living her best life, I mean by this time she is all mature physically and sexually and is very active and shiny and behaving, then it is 28 TO 40 YEARS OLD in human age. She is so cuddly if you behave yourself during this time! Please give her all your care! ( 6 years old cat’s years to human years is 40 )

When your cat is in a very mature state that is 7 to 10 years, this is the stage where we can call her experienced I can say, because it is 44 TO 56 YEARS OLD in human age! By this age, we all humans are experienced the ups and lows in our life! It is growing up so fast, is not it? ( 10 years old cat’s years to human years is 56 )

When your cat is in the senior stage of her life that is 11 to 14 years old she has almost lived is life and has got many problems with her health like arthritis. And has got teeth problems also, so by this age it is at 60 TO 72 YEARS OLD in human age! It is senior now! Woohoo! She has come so far! You should be proud of her! And give her some more love, now anytime she can leave you. ( 14 years old cat years to human years is 72 )

Now, this last stage is the super senior stage, only a few cats survive till this stage. And if your cat is 15+ years old, damn you are lucky! 15+ cat years to human years is 70+. She is very very old now! Please be kind to her! Spend your time with her.

Does This Calculation Of Cat Years To Human Years Can Be Applied To Street Cats?

Well, on this question I would say yes if the street cat lives its whole life because most of the time street cats die because of the circumstances surrounding them, it may be because of some infection or food poisoning, or because of the fight with street dogs. The chances of survival of street cats are really difficult. But if the cat survives then it will follow the same cat chart of calculating cat years to human years!

How To Know That Your Cat Is At The Senior Stage Of Its Life

Some of the physical features of your cat can tell you when it is at the senior stage are given below for your reference

  1. Teeth: Yellow teeth, dental calculus ( tartar ) building-up, missing teeth.
  2. Fur: graying of fur, loss of so much fur, and rougher fur in comparison to young cats.
  3. Eyes: discharge, teary eyes, and muddiness in eyes.
  4. Activeness: The activeness of your cat would tells you a complete story. she is becoming thin and losing weight and also getting weak and being lazy all the time. ( getting arthritis is common )
  5. Behavior: Changes in her behavior  it is becoming moody, and is constantly meowing, and wandering around all the time, is facing anxiety, loneliness, or confusion.

Given above are some of the physical factors that might help you to recognize if your cat is in senior stage or not, but even after this you are not sure of her stage in life or age, you can take it to vet, vets can tell you exactly what age of it is.


To summaries, At the end of the day, a cat’s stage of development is much more quickly in the course of their early years than most people consider – by the age of two, your cat is 24 years old in human years!

Fortunately, after the age of two, it’s pretty easy to analyze your cat’s age in human years – you just have to increase four for every added year. You can also all the time bring up to our cat’s years to human years chart (or even print it out!) to speedily conclude how old (and wise, of course) your favorite furry cat is.