Cat’s Lifespan: The Life Expectancy Of Indoor Cats

Hey there, with the fact that you are here reading my article, I would like to assume that you are looking forward to adopting a whiskered friend. That is a great idea, go ahead with it! I am here to bombard you with information on ‘cats lifespan’.

Before getting into the depth, let me ask you something. Have you ever come across the term ‘cat years’? Yes, ‘cat years’ are different from ‘human years’. The first two years of a cats lifespan is approximately equal to 25 years. Later on, each year is equivalent to 4 cat years. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now that you know what are cat years, let us learn about cat’s lifespan. An average cat lives for about 15 – 18 years. Hoping that now it makes sense to you why cat years are different from human years. It is because an average cat’s lifespan is way shorter than humans.

Fun Fact About Cats Lifespan

A cat named Crème Puff was recorded as the longest living cat. It made its way into the Guinness book of world records by living up to 38 years.

I must say, Crème Puff’s owner must have been a very dedicated person. They must have followed very disciplined routines to keep their cat as healthy as possible.

You as a cat parent must be looking forward to the same. Any pet owner will want their pet to be with them as long as possible. So I am sure, that is what brought you here!

Factors Affecting Cats Lifespan

Well, you should know that a cat’s lifespan is affected by multiple factors such as:

  1. The outside world can prove to be very hazardous to your cat. It is an undeniable fact that indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. This itself is a vast topic as there are many reasons why outdoor cats have a shorter lifespan. From being exposed to many diseases to having the risk of being run over by a vehicle!
  2. Genetics plays a major role in a cat’s lifespan. Immunity can also depend on genetic patterns. It is not under your control but is one of the factors affecting a cat’s lifespan.
  3. Your cat’s lifespan may be affected by the food that you feed it. Proper nourishment that satisfies all the nutrient requirements is necessary.
  4. Mental illnesses are prevalent amongst our feline buddies too! Mental illnesses tend to reduce your cat’s lifespan by affecting different parts of its body.

If your cat isn’t able to adapt to the environmental condition around you, it would be a serious problem connected with your cat’s lifespan. Well, these are the things that will help you to increase your cat’s lifespan.

Whilst there are so many threats to your cat’s lifespan, you can try your best to keep your whiskered friend with you for many years!

A healthy lifestyle will boost your cat’s lifespan like magic. If you and your cat practice certain things on a regular basis it will help your cat stay healthy.

Things You Need To Practice On Your Cat

1. Choose Properly

Steps to keep your cat healthy start right from its adoption!

When you adopt a cat, you should be very clear about the species that you will go for. Research thoroughly and looking at the various options that you have and make sure you choose wisely. You should consider every factor that will affect the cat once you bring it home. For instance, what if the cat isn’t able to adapt to the environmental condition of your area?

So, choose a species that will fit well in your geographical conditions.

2. Veterinary Consultation

It is your major duty as a cat owner to fix regular appointments with a veterinarian. Consult the vet and follow their advice to maintain the health of your cat.

3. Get Your Feline Vaccinated

Vaccinating your cat is very crucial as it will protect your cat from many life-threatening diseases. So, go check your cat’s vaccination schedule!

4. Exercise

A healthy lifestyle definitely includes regular work-outs. Help your cat stay fit by training it to exercise a lot. Overweight cannot be good for your cat’s health. So, make sure your whiskered friend stays fit.

5. Proper Diet

Feed your cat on time. Well, feeding your cat on time isn’t enough. I am sure you would not want your cat to be malnourished.

So, you should make sure that the food that you feed satisfies the nutrient requirements of your cat. It will boost your cat’s immunity and keep it healthy for a longer time.

6. Keep Your Cat Happy And Active

Your cat will be very happy if you spend time with it. Don’t forget to play with it. There are many toys that are available in the market. Buy, such toys for your whiskered friend.

7. Observe

Be a good cat parent and observe your cat’s gestures well. Notice everything about your cat. Observe your cat’s mood changes, appetite, changes in its behavior, the way it responds to you, etc.

Remember that your cat can’t speak to you directly so it is your responsibility to note even its tiniest gestures.

8. Staying indoors

Indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. Staying indoors rules out many risks that could cost you your feline’s life! Make sure that your cat is not in close contact with any other animal that could be a carrier of a fatal disease.

Don’t let your catwalk around in overpopulated areas where the risk of a stampede is high.

Transportation can be hazardous to your cat! Many animal lives are lost due to being run over by vehicles. Your pet has no idea about the risks of being on the road so; it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your cat.

I would like to conclude by saying that controlling nature is not in our hands. But we can surely control the things that indirectly affect it.

Bottom Line

As a pet parent, it is understandable that you are concerned about your cats lifespan. Even though it may seem like it is not under your control to gift your cat with a long lifespan, it is not true.

If you take up your responsibilities seriously and plan everything properly you can actually expect your cat to live a long life. Do whatever you for you whiskered friend with love. And surely you and your whiskered friend will reap its reward.