Indoor Cats vs Outdoor Cats: Which One Should You Have

Well, this is an interesting question. Before I get into the details of ‘indoor cats vs outdoor cats‘, do you know what indoor cats are? And what are outdoor cats?

Indoor Cats

Some cats are kept indoors for many different reasons. Such cats aren’t let to roam freely outside.

Outdoor Cats

Of course, outdoor cats are the opposite of indoor cats. As you would predict, yes, they have more freedom to explore the world outside.

Perks Of Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Now, your mind might guilt trap you with thoughts like, isn’t it cruel? Isn’t it stealing their freedom?

But let me tell you, keeping your cats in the safety of your home isn’t as cruel as it sounds!

If you allow your whiskered friend to roam out, then they might come in contact with other animals which may have different diseases. This could at times be fatal too! Contracting disease is not the only risk. Did you forget about the overpopulated vehicles on the road? Yes, by keeping your cat indoors you can protect them from getting run over by huge vehicles.

Also, sometimes people can prove to be a real menace. Not everybody loves animals and knows how to pet them. So, your cat could become a victim of such ill-treatment.

It is mostly seen that old cats prefer staying indoors and don’t have an active lifestyle. On the other hand, younger cats love being able to roam around and explore.

Perks Of Keeping Your Cat Outdoors

For some pet owners letting their cat roam out may be the worst nightmare. But to be honest, it isn’t that horrific either! Let me get it clear, to let your pet walk around freely you will have to make some serious safety checks. Once you are done with ensuring the safety of your pet, you and your pet can enjoy the perks of it.

Outdoor cats get a lot of exercises, which is a no-brainer. As these cats love running around and entertaining themselves with plenty of physical activity it is obvious that they work out a lot. Being physically active helps your cat with its mental health.

Yes, you read it right! Our cat friends too tend to suffer from mental disorders. If your cat is going through any such mental illness be quick to consult a vet. And one of the important pieces of advice from the vet would be to take your cat out on a walk on regular basis and to increase its fitness.

You will be surprised when you see your cat becoming more expressive. When your cat explores the world, it gets to have an intimate experience with nature. So, your cat becomes more expressive. It will express so many behavioral changes.

Indoor Cats Vs Outdoor Cats

  • We have seen the perks of having both, indoor and outdoor cats. But, just like any coin, this one has two sides too!
  • Even though outdoor cats seem to be more physically fit than indoor cats their safety is a major concern.
  • Outdoor cats possess the threat of contracting various diseases. But that doesn’t mean that indoor cats don’t have any health concerns. Overweight is one of the threats that indoor cat parents need to consider.
  • While outdoor cats may seem to be a better option at this point, you have to remember their safety.
  • Assuring the safety of outdoor cats can be very expensive.
  • On the other hand, while indoor cats stay safe at home, they may prove to be expensive in some other way. Like, because their inactive lifestyle may require many other supplements.
  • Talking about outdoor cats, your cat might learn some unpleasant behavior from its newly found friends.
  • Your indoor cat might be well behaved but may need a lot of your attention.

See, I don’t mean to scare you with these points elaborating indoor cats vs outdoor cats but I intended to keep you well informed.

While these are some points you as a pet owner might be worried about, what do our cats like?

Well, we may not understand their language. If only we could talk to them, we could ask them directly whether they like it or not. But that is not an issue because we can understand their gestures. Noticing the gestures of your cat will help you a lot in understanding your cat. I insist you spend a lot of time with your cat.

While feeding your cat on time is very important, it is not the only necessity! Observing their moods, their response to certain things, booking a regular appointment with the vet are some of your important duties as a cat parent. Cuddling your cat occasionally, taking them on a walk will help you realize your cat’s needs.

If you want, you can prepare a mood chart to observe your cat’s behavior. It is simple. All you have to do is, perform different activities, maybe take your cat out on a walk and observe its mood that day. And on another occasion stay at home and play with your cat, then take a note of its mood. In such a way you will surely figure out, what your cat loves.

Yes, observation is the key.

By doing the above-mentioned activities, you might have a clear idea of whether your cat loves being indoors or taking a free walk around is

What it likes!

If you are looking forward to adopting a cat, then might be a fair chance that you are worried a lot. I would say, take your time to think and go for it. Once you adopt a cat you will know that it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Be sure to spend enough time with your cat and day by day you will learn almost everything about your cat.


I would like to conclude by saying that both indoor and outdoor cats have their own set of perks and drawbacks when you look into indoor cats vs outdoor cats. So, as a pet parent, you have to take all these points under consideration before making a move.

It depends on the cat. Make sure to become best friends with your cat, understand the nature of your cat and make the necessary changes to keep your cat happy and healthy.