How Can You Make Your Cat Live Longer

Normally cats live for 12-14 years, but some cats may live for 20-22 years. The American Short hair, Shphynx, Russian Blue, and Savannah cat are the cat breeds with the longest lifespan. Some of the cats holding the longest living cat in Guinness World Record: The oldest cat in history was the Creme Puff feline, born on 3 Aug 1967, and lived until 6 Aug 2005. Poppy, a tortoiseshell cat aged 24 years, the oldest living cat whose age could be read humanly as 114 years old, but died recently. But can you make your cat live longer? 

Some Tips To Make Your Cat Live Longer

1. Clean The Dustbin

In addition to keeping your home cool, cleaning the litter box every day will familiarize you with the bathroom routine of your cat – which ensures that you will notice any irregularities which could be signs of underlying medical problems. Although cleaning the litter box probably isn’t the favorite task of a cat owner, it may alert you frequently to something unusual to bring up with your vet.

For example, Extensive or regular urination can be a symptom of cats’ diabetes. Diverse complications or even fatalities can occur if left untreated when diabetes is manageable. More on feline diabetes is available here. Notify the litter box of changes.

You could be constipated or even have a urinary obstruction, which is very dangerous if your cat does not urinate or defecate at least every day. Monitoring the use of litter boxes and submitting reports to your veterinarian is an easy way for cat owners to extend the life expectancy of their animals.

2. Keep Your Cat Indoors

Even while cats can live indoors well in adolescence, outdoor cats can live on only 5 years. Some cats are sitting at the door waiting to see the great outdoors and your cat will still be better inside while it is tempting to give in. The life of an outdoor cat is much more stressful than the life of an indoor cat. Outdoor life can seem a fantastic way to keep your cat active and entertaining, but outdoor cats may come into contact with diseases, become prey to bigger robbers such as coyotes, and become victims of poisons, traps, and road accidents. As long as you enrich their world, your cat will still have a wonderful life in them so they will not be bored. With silver vine toys, catios, or other expertly advised cat toys, you can keep your Kitty happy.

3. Spay Your Cat Or Neuter

The obvious cause of spreading or neutralizing cats is litter avoidance, particularly when millions of homeless cats are found in shelters and millions, unfortunately, are euthanized annually. But you should get your cat fixed for some more reasons. For instance, repairing your pet prevents many forms of cancer – cervical, mammalian, or prostate – from growing. It avoids other deadly illnesses, including pyometra (a life-threatening uterine infection), as well as reducing your cat’s desire to destroy against a partner. The fight against feline leukemia and FIV among cats that results in infected bites.

In addition, giving birth places a lot of stress on a female cat’s body, which can lead to several complications.

4. Do Not Smoke Near Your Cat

Secondhand smoke also affects cats! Vets say the risk of lung cancer in cats living in a smoking family is much higher. Cats in smoky homes often grow lymphoma (a lymphatic node cancer) 2 times more often, which is deadly. Since cats spend so much on themselves carefully, they are often likely to grow tumors in their mouths to smear foreign particles that fall on their coat. Stop smoking indoors when you’re a smoker and want to protect your cat from second-hand smoke. The longer cats live in a house full of smoke, the more likely they will become one of the cancers mentioned above. Help your cat live a happy long life with a smoke-free house!

How To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

1. Hang Out

Padded perches can be bought at several pet supply stores or through catalog sellers. Another alternative is a window frame box (such as an air-conditioning unit) providing a safe space in which your kitty can hang up. The house or the ground-floor patio may be attached to larger grilles.

2. Tree Is a Company

Buy or make your own a ready-made cat tree (often referred to as the “kitty condo”). A cat tree may be small or extend from floor to ceiling. It offers great opportunities for climbing and, with the use of vertical space in multi-cat homes, creates more play areas and rest areas. Put the cat tree next to a window, if possible, so that your cat can look out for the action.

3. Play With Your Cat

Play every day with your cat. Try various kinds of toys to stalk, pick and kick your cat. When your cat is fatigued, store out-of-reach toys that could hurt him/her (such as toys with fastened strings). If you cannot control it, leave “toys” like paper bags (removal of handles) or cardboard boxes out. Be sure to change the toys sometimes so that they appear to your cat to be ‘fresh’ and more interesting.

4. Bring The Outdoors In

Indoor pots for feline grazing, plant cat grass (available at the supply stores of farm animals).

5. Clean Your House

Cats can be clean freaks because they constantly clean their litter box.

6. Genuine Authentication

Even indoor cats with a collar and clear marking should still be fitted. The sometimes open window or door provides a tenting opportunity for your cat (make sure that your windows have safe screens.

And if strangers come to work at home or if there is a fire or similar disaster, your cat will become scared and take her out. The collar and the recognizable identity will allow you to get your cat back.

Bottom Line

In general, the lifespan of the cats not fully depends upon their breed and on the lifestyle which they grew. In addition, the care and love offered by people and let them feel the care and love on them will contribute a lot to extending their life span. Follow the above tips to make your cat live longer.