This Is How to Plan a Funeral for Your Dog

There are almost 77 million dogs living in the U.S. at this time. They live in about 48 million American households.

It’s great having a dog living in your home. But one of the worst parts about the experience is going to be saying goodbye to your dog at the end of their life.

You can make this process slightly easier on you and your family by learning how to plan a funeral for a dog. It’ll provide you all with an opportunity to say your goodbyes to your dog while mourning their loss.

If you haven’t ever had to do funeral planning for a dog, it’s not as difficult as it might seem. But you will need to follow some specific steps to get the job done.

Here are funeral tips that will help you figure out how to plan a funeral for a dog.

Consider Planning a Funeral for a Dog in Advance

If you wait until the very last minute to learn how to plan a funeral for a dog, it’s going to overwhelm you. You’re going to be dealing with so much grief that it’s going to be impossible not to get stressed out throughout the funeral planning process.

With this in mind, you should consider planning a funeral for a dog in advance. Once your dog begins to inch closer to the end of their expected life, you can begin to piece together funeral plans for them.

You might think that doing this would put a damper on your final years with your dog. But it’ll actually provide you with more peace of mind than you would expect.

Choose the Right Pet Burial and Cremation Provider

Regardless of when you decide to learn how to plan a funeral for a dog, you should always do it through the right pet burial and cremation provider. There should be at least a few options for you to choose from in your area.

You should look high and low for a pet burial and cremation provider that has a lot of experience in the industry. You should also search for one that comes highly recommended by others in your community. It’ll ensure that you have a positive experience while working with them.

Decide Whether You’re Going to Bury or Cremate a Dog

Would you like to plan a dog burial or a dog cremation? This is one of the first questions that a pet burial and cremation provider will ask you, so you should be prepared with an answer for it.

Burying a dog will provide you with a place to go and visit your four-legged friend from now on. Cremating them, meanwhile, will give you an opportunity to take their cremated remains home or scatter them in a special place.

It’s not going to be easy to decide between a dog burial and a dog cremation. But you will have to do it sooner rather than later so that funeral planning can continue.

Pick Out the Ideal Location for a Funeral for a Dog

Whether you ultimately decide to bury or cremate your dog, you should always make it a point to try and hold a funeral for them. Staging a funeral for them is going to set you up with a chance to say your goodbyes in the proper setting.

That being said, you can create this setting in almost any venue. You can have a funeral for a dog at home, at a park, or at a chapel provided to you by a pet burial and cremation provider. You should look for the right location for your dog’s funeral based on your specific preferences.

Put Together a Funeral Service for a Dog

A funeral for a dog doesn’t have to be as long as a funeral for a person. But it should have some depth to it.

You should recite a few readings for your dog at their funeral or share a few memories of your dog at it. Either way, you’ll want to use your dog’s funeral to show what made them so special.

Invite the Right People to a Funeral for a Dog

To be clear: You don’t necessarily need to invite every single person that you know to a funeral for your dog. But you should try to get some of the most important people in your life to come out to celebrate your dog’s life with you.

You should extend an invitation to those in your immediate family as well as any close friends that you might have. The more people that you can get to come to your dog’s funeral, the more love and support you will have surrounding you.

Invest in Pet Memorial Products for a Dog’s Funeral

There are some memorial products that you’ll want to think about investing in for your dog’s funeral. These memorial products will include:

  • Memorial cards
  • Pawprint stones
  • Cremation urns

You should try to get your hands on these kinds of pet memorial products as soon as you possibly can. You should also look to obtain them through a company like Positive Impressions that has earned a reputation for producing high-quality pet memorial products.

Remembering a pet will be easy to do when you bring pet memorial products home with you. You won’t have to worry about how to remember a dog when you keep them close by.

Knowing How to Plan a Funeral for a Dog Will Make It Less Stressful

Doing funeral planning for a dog can be super stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s why you should set out to learn how to plan a funeral before doing anything else.

Now that you have some idea as to how to put together funeral plans for a dog, you can go ahead and get started. You can create a beautiful funeral for your dog by following the steps listed here.

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