4 Surprising Benefits of CBD for Pets

Have you considered giving your pet CBD to boost their health? You may not have realized some of the amazing benefits CBD has on pets. With anti-inflammatory factors and soothing effects, CBD is not only great for you but also wonderful for your pet.

Continue reading to find out more about some of the amazing benefits of CBD for pets.

1. CBD Reduces Anxiety

Pets suffer from situational and behavioral anxiety, which can get worse as they grow older. This can be due to separation anxiety, car anxiety, loud noises, strangers, and other specific things.

Anxiety and stress manifest themselves differently in each pet, but some common symptoms of your pet experiencing anxiety are constant barking, aggression, tremors, and chewing or eating furniture and other household items.

We as humans understand the symptoms of anxiety, as we experience similar stressors. CBD is a natural anxiety and stress reliever that’s been proven effective for both humans and pets.

CBD promotes serotonin levels in the brain and reduces mental and physical stress. Since there is no THC in CBD, you or your pet will not get high from using CBD for dogs or cats.

2. It Improves Your Pet’s Skin

Many pets suffer from allergies and skin issues and will usually make them worse by scratching, licking, or biting their skin. If your pet is struggling with itchy, rashy skin, try using a CBD ointment.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes skin issues present in you or your pet.

By massaging CBD ointment or feeding your pet oral CBD tinctures, you’ll reduce their discomfort and promote healthy skin.

3. Their Appetite Will Increase

If your pet is nearing old age, you might be noticing its loss of appetite. Even if they don’t want to eat, you should try to feed them regularly. If your pet is still refusing, try giving them a full-spectrum CBD tincture.

Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs offers all of the cannabinoids in a hemp plant, including a small amount of THC. This amount of THC will increase your pet’s appetite.

Look for pet products that offer full-spectrum CBD with much less than 0.3 percent of THC, which will be safe for your dog and will not intoxicate them.

4. CBD Will Promote Your Pet’s Weight Loss

Using CBD for pet weight loss might seem strange but this method is actually quite effective. With its therapeutic properties, CBD is great for promoting weight loss in your pet, especially if their weight gain has to do with their sore joints.

If your pet has gained weight and finds it painful to walk, CBD should be the next thing to try.

Because of the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD soothes your dog or cat’s joints and allows them to freely move without discomfort. Implement CBD in your pet’s diet to boost their physical activity and allow weight loss.

Using CBD For Pets

When your pet feels anxious or sore, CBD will help them relax and feel their best. CBD for pets is safe and can help create rest and relaxation when needed.

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