Manage Your Dog’s Stress And Behavior During Travel

6 Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Stress And Behavior During Travel

Like humans, dogs also have different personalities, habits, preferences, and tastes. For instance, their choice of food and treats vary from one dog to another. Their choice of activities could…

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pet care

Pet Parenting 101: At-Home Pet Care Tips and Tricks

There’s something about caring for a pet that keeps you feeling young. It’s no wonder why 70% of households in the United States have at least one pet. The only…

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Severe Dog Problems Cured With Vaccinations

4 Severe Dog Problems That Could Be Resolved With Vaccinations

Seeing your pets in distress will be extremely painful. Your dogs depend on you to provide them with a happy life. Once upon a time, canine diseases killed thousands of…

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pet fish

Keeping Pet Fish: How to Select the Right Fish For Your Aquarium

You’ve just bought a new aquarium and are getting it all set up—but which pet fish will you purchase for the tank? At face value, it sounds simple—go to a…

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Calico Cat Personality: Fact or Fiction?

Are you a cat person? 24.5% of households in the United States own a cat, yet only 12% of people prefer cats. If you’re a cat lover, chances are you’ve…

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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Daycare That Your Pup Will Love

In the United States, about 45 million households own a pet. This means about 50% of homes in America have added pets to their family. Of those pets, it’s safe…

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Ways To Improve Your Pet’s Sleep With A Cat Bed

5 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Your Pet’s Sleep With A Cat Bed

Among all domestic animals, cats may be the ones who sleep the longest. It’s common for cats to sleep for long hours during the day, often taking ‘catnaps’ between activities….

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pet to work

How to Bring Your Pet to Work Without Trouble

Are you wondering how to best bring a pet to work? When people bring pets to work, they often reap several benefits. First, you won’t have to rush home to…

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best pet door

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Pet Door

The average dog needs to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. You can help your dog get the exercise that they need by taking them on walks…

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New Pets

Preparing for New Pets: A Quick Guide

Did you know that getting a pet can help improve your mood and improve brain functioning? Pets do a whole lot more than a cuddle and eat the food that…

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Dog Injuries

Common Dog Injuries That Require Veterinarian Attention

Dogs are one of the best animals in the world. They provide us with companionship, happiness, and comfort when we need them most. However, just like any pet, they can…

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Dog Foods

Top Vet Recommended Dog Foods

Having a dog as a pet in your home can be a very joyous experience. For those that do have a dog as a pet, providing it with the care…

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