How To Take Proper Care of Your Horse

You know that owning a horse is a huge responsibility, but until you bring your equine friend home, you may not fully understand how much time and energy you needed to devote to his or her care. Before you buy a horse, you need to make sure you are ready for the responsibility. Make sure you are prepared to care for your new pet in these three ways so he or she will thrive in a new home.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are one of the most significant expenses of owning a horse. Routine maintenance and upkeep are expensive enough, but if your horse gets sick or injured, you may be facing astronomical medical bills. To ensure your horse gets the care he or she deserves, consider investing in insurance. Do some research to find the best horse insurance companies to help offset the cost of unexpected medical care.


Everyone knows that horses eat grass, so you may think that you can cut feeding costs by allowing your pet to graze all day. While you have to ensure your horse had adequate grazing room for a large portion of each day, you also need to supplement grazing with hay and grain. Your horse’s dietary needs will vary depending upon his or her activity level and overall health, and you may have to try several types of feed before you find one that helps your pet stay in top condition. You may also want to speak with your vet about giving your horse supplements. Never sacrifice the quality of your grain in an effort to save money because low-quality feed can have a negative impact on your horse’s health.


Just like people, horses need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. The best way to exercise your equine friend is to go for a ride, but you can also put your horse on a lunge line if you’re running short on time. If you have an older horse that is ready for retirement, make sure there is plenty of room for him or her to run in the pasture for mild exercise.

Owning a horse comes with a lot of responsibility. You must be commit yourself to animal to care. Even if you have the best of intentions, you may not know where to start. Make sure you are prepared to care for your pet in these three ways so you know that you are ready to be a  responsible horse owner.