Human Foods That Are Safe To Feed Your Cat

Human foods for your cat? Good Idea or not so good Idea? Uh-huh, I see what you are trying to ask, You are asking as if you can share your food with your little meow?

Right! Well, you are good to go and do that unless the human foods you are feeding your cat is poisonous to her or causes harm to her! I mean, you will never want your kitty to be sick because of some food she ate, she wasn’t supposed to! Right?

Yeah Well, You Are Right I Want Her To Be Very Healthy! So Can You Suggest Some Human Foods That I And My Kitty Can Share?

Sure, of course, I can! That is what I am here for! To make you understand all about healthy human diet for your baby meow!

There is much human foods that your kitty can have with you but in a very small proportion because it might not be good for their health in a greater amount!

First, let me clear this one thing for once and all that don’t give your kitty anything from the human diet unless you have talked about it with their vet! I repeat even after reading this article please before giving anything to your meow ask their vet first!

Some of the edible human diets that your kitty can enjoy with you are:

1. Salmon

You have just read it correctly! Yes, your kitty can have salmon. In fact, some of the commercials of kitty food have proved it healthy for them, and also some canned cat food has salmon in it! It is very healthy for your meow if it is cooked! Raw salmon should never be the option to feed your cat!

2. Eggs

As we all know that eggs are a rich source of vitamin B and protein and which is why eggs can be the best diet your small kitty can have! But but but, it should be well cooked. No raw eggs should be given to cats as they may cause some health problems in her body or food borne illness in her!

You will never want that right? So feed them cooked eggs only!

3. Cheese

Yeah, I know that some of the cats are lactose intolerant, but some of the cat doctors have suggested that sometimes giving your kitty cheese treats is totally okay! And also doctors say that you should give your kitty hard cheese like cheddar, swiss, gouda, instead of soft. Hard cheese is best for your kitty because they have a high amount of protein and calcium.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is very nutritious for your cat as it has a high amount of fiber, iron, protein, and some vitamins. But every cat has a specific taste and choice so oatmeal is the food your cat might or might not enjoy! It really depends on her tastes and choices! So before you add oatmeal into your kitty’s daily diet, check out that she likes it or not!

5. Spinach

Well, spinach will be a very cat-friendly treat for your baby meow if she does not have a history of calcium oxalate bladder stones. If she has never had a problem with calcium oxalate bladder stones then this vitamin, iron, and protein-rich green spinach will be healthy for your cat! You can serve it as a treat.

6. Peas

Peas are another cat-safe human food and they can be given to you meow frozen or raw! Cat’s body takes peas very well because peas are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, fibers, proteins, etc. be very careful not to give her pods by any chance! And also you should start giving your cats peas first from smaller quantities in their daily meals, and once she gets used to it then you can increase the amount of it in their daily meal!

7. Bananas

Banana rich in phosphorous, fiber which makes it cat-friendly human food! But a banana also has a high amount of sugar in it and it is because sugar is not good for your cat’s health you should avoid giving her a whole banana, or even half of the banana, just give her a small slice of it!

Even if she looks up to you with her small kitty precious eyes. Do not give her more than one slice, it is for her good!

8. Watermelon

Wait!!! Can cats eat watermelon?? – this what you are thinking right now is not it? Well then the answer to your question is yes, your precious little cats can eat watermelon! But not so much, in small proportion, that is 1-2 bites only! It’s because watermelon has a high amount of sugar it might be poisonous for your kitty!

And yes, always make sure the watermelon bite you are feeding to your kitty has no seeds in it because seeds might choke her.

Why Cat-Friendly Human Foods Does Not Have Many Fruit Options To Treat Her With?

Not like pooches, felines aren’t attracted to the sugariness of fruit as they do not have any saccharine sense of taste receptors on their tongue. But cats can eat watermelon, bananas, blueberries, etc. Vetstreet clarifies fruit can be a decent option (in control, of course) as an additional for cat delights.


As a pet parents, we all want our furry to be happy and happy all the time because seeing them happy will make us more than happy!

So remember that your cat needs food that is rich in fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin K, iron.

Also giving milk to any cat might not seem poisonous to you so you make her drink it but some of the cats are lactose intolerant so you better avoid giving milk to your kitty or any street cat you see!

And as mentioned before please before giving this recommended human foods to your cat, let her vet decide that the food she is eating is not interrupting and medications or is it healthy for her according to the health problems she has faced in past!