9 Weird Cat Sounds And What They Mean

As a cat owner, it would be your dearest wish to be able to understand your cat’s language. Imagine how easy it would be if your cat directly comes up to you and told you about its feelings? You and your cat can become best friends. These things might seem good to think about but we can do nothing more than imagine. However, we can understand their gestures. Cat sounds are one of the important gestures that tell us a lot of things.

Now, you might wonder what is so weird about cat sounds. Isn’t meow the only sound that cats make? Well, not! Cats make a lot of different sounds and all indicate a lot about your cat. It tells you about your cat’s mood, hunger, etc.

Weird Cat Sounds And What They Mean

Let us have a look at different types of cat sounds and what they mean. Take look over the list weird cat’s sound.

1. Meow 

This is a sound not only cat owners but anybody will associate with a cat. Your cat produces this sound by opening its mouth and then closing it immediately. It lasts only a few moments.

It is observed that grown-up cats use this sound only to communicate with human beings. Your cat might use this sound to draw your attention. Its meaning depends on the place from where your cat is meowing. It has no specific meaning.

If your cat is meowing in front of a closed door then it might mean that your feline wants to go out. If it meows in front of a ball then maybe it is calling you to play with it. It is also observed that deaf cats’ meows are louder as compared to normal felines.

2. Cat Trilling 

Cat trilling is a kind of sound that somewhat resembles a cat’s ‘meow and ‘purr’. This sound vanishes in an ascending tone.

This sound is produced with a closed mouth. Sometimes mother cat and kittens exchange this sound. And sometimes this sound may mean an excited ‘YES’. Adult cats also use this sound to greet other cats or even human beings.

3. Cat Chirping

We know that birds chirp, but did you know that even cats chirp?. Yes, cats do produce a chirping sound!

These sounds are like a squeaky version of cat trills.

A mother cat produces the ‘cat chirping’ sound to draw her kitten’s attention while teaching something. Your cat may also chirp when it wants to show you something important.

Sometimes it is seen that when a cat sees a pack of birds chirping around, it tries to imitate their chirp as a mechanism to threaten the birds. Cats are funny animals, aren’t they?

4. Mating Calls 

Hormones are completely accountable for this sound.

When a female feline is in heat, she produces sounds to call for male cats. This sound is a combination of prolonged trills and meows. This sound is a signal for the male cats.

Sometimes even male cats make this moaning sound to establish the point that they are present. Commonly, owners find this sound to be very unpleasant and prefer sterilizing their cats.

5. Howl and Yowl

This sound is like a never-ending meowing.

Cats use this sound to threaten other cats. When they see an opponent from a distance, they make this sound to stay away from physical fights. It is more like a verbal fight.

Howling and yowling may sometimes indicate anxiety. Changes in the surrounding conditions may cause anxiousness to your cat. Cats even respond to pain with such sounds.

6. Distress Calls

This sound is similar to howling and yowling, but it is produced mostly by kittens.

Kittens make distress calls to warn their mother when they are in danger.

This is a very high-pitched sound. Mother cats distinctively recognize their kittens’ voices and run to rescue them.

7. Bark 

This is another funny sound that our feline friends make. This sound is called a bark because they try to imitate a dog’s bark. This sound may be due to the similarity in dogs’ and cats’ throat anatomy.

But mostly cats produce this sound to prove that they are stronger than their opponent. Or due to ego issues and wanting to scare away the opponent.

Sometimes a cat’s bark may be because of a sudden rush of air in the windpipe. It can also be explained as a forced meow.

8. Chattering 

It is not an unusual scene to see a cat chattering its teeth at the sight of birds. Squeaky chirps also accompany chattering. This sound is a reaction or response to the sight of prey.

Cats react to prey or prey-like movement with chattering because of their inbuilt hunting instinct.

Cats make this sound when they are excited, maybe by a new toy or a new meal. Sometimes chattering can also be an indication of frustration.

9. Purring

This is another familiar sound that cats make. This sound is produced by cats with their mouths closed. Cats purr when they are comfortable and relaxed.

You might hear your cat purr, when you pet it or while it gets comfortable in its bed to fall asleep. Kitties purr when being breastfed.

But sometimes your cat’s purr may be associated with unpleasantness too. Cats are seen to purr during the visit to a vet when injured, or while delivering a kitty.

Bottom Line 

You must be amazed that cats make these many weird sounds.

As a cat owner recognizing these sounds and interpreting them is very important. Different sounds indicate different things. You must spend time with your cat regularly to know them all. As you have seen sometimes a sound can mean more than one thing.

So, you must know your cat very well. So, the next time your cat makes any of these sounds you will know what is to be done and how to help your cat.

Once you understand these sounds and gestures thoroughly you find it difficult to become best friends with your cat.