Why Do Dogs Love Peanut Butter? Is It Good For Them?

We all know that a large percentage of us, humans, love snacking on peanut butter. But what is the case with dogs? Do they like it? Is it good for them? Why do dogs love peanut butter? Let us go through all of these questions, one at a time.

Attending the first question, yes, most dogs love peanut butter!

There is almost no dog that can resist peanut butter. Sarcastically speaking, if ever your dog goes missing, all you have to do is open a jar of peanut butter, and ta-da within a second or two you will find your dog whining around you!

Why Do Dogs Love Peanut Butter?

Honestly, there is no perfect explanation for why do dogs love peanut butter?’ 

However, there are 2 common explanations given by researchers.

The nutty flavor you must be aware that peanut butter is made with roasted nuts. You know that right?

Dogs associate this nutty aroma with fatty food like meat. And dogs love fatty food. This smell is what attracts your dog towards peanut butter. Nature has designed your dog in this way because fatty food provides them with energy. Don’t you think your dog requires enough energy to guard you all day!

The Sweetness Of Peanut Butter

Like many of us, our canine friends have a sweet tooth too! Few animals’ taste buds can’t detect sweetness. But our canine friends’ taste buds are sensitive towards sweetness. Dog food may not satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth. Peanut butter’s sweetness attracts your dog and hence it makes a perfect sweet treat for your furry friend.

While these are the reasons why do dogs love peanut butter you might wonder, is it good for it? Let us have a look at it.

Advantages Of Peanut Butter For You and Your Pet

1. Sneaking Pills

You must be aware of how difficult it is to give your canine its medications. No matter how hard you try your dog will do its best to avoid the intake of pills. Probably you have tried a lot of methods to succeed. But don’t you worry!

Try sneaking the pills in a spoon of peanut butter. This time you will surely succeed. The result is not only your dog but you are happy too.

2. Victory Treat

Is your dog too notorious? Are you finding it too difficult to train it?

Well, then peanut butter will be a savior. Make it a habit to treat your dog with peanut butter whenever it behaves well. Give it tasks and once your dog accomplishes it give it some peanut butter. If not for your commands, it will do it for the treat at the end.

So again, it is a win-win situation!

3. Healthy Fats

Peanut butter is rich in healthy fats. These fats are very important for your furry buddy. They provide your dog with a lot of energy, enabling it to stay active. Fats keep your pet’s body insulated and also provide cushioning for their body.

It is a common myth that fatty food can affect your dog’s heart. But they are not similar to humans. Their body requires a fatty diet.

4. Source Of Protein

Peanut butter is also a rich source of protein. Protein is a supplier of amino acids. And amino acids build your dog’s muscles, skin, hair, and nails too. They also help in maintaining healthy tendons and cartilages.

If your dog is having protein deficiency, you now know what to do!

5. Spend Time Together

While feeding peanut butter to your dog, you get to spend a lot of time with them. You get to see your dog as happy as possible. It will give you immense joy to just be there with them and see them waggle their tail around. Your dog will be so happy and grateful to you. It will allow you to pet it. Your dog will jump around in pure happiness. And the whole scenario will be blissful, won’t it?

6. Reduce Stress 

If your dog becomes so happy when you give it peanut butter, then how will it not reduce its stress? It is child’s play to guess this one!

As we’ve learned so far, peanut butter is good for your dog.

7. Some Concerns

Normally, any type of peanut butter that doesn’t contain xylitol is ok for your dog. Xylitol is used instead of sugar adding sweetness. This xylitol is not harmful to us, humans, but is dangerous for dogs. Consumption even in small quantity can prove to be fatal.

If your dog has peanut butter regularly, the safest peanut butter for your dog is unsalted or homemade peanut butter.

It is always better to give your dog preservative-free peanut butter.

Home-made peanut butter is a safer choice because it won’t contain chemicals, extra sugar, and constituents that can be harmful to your dog.

It is always better to give your dog preservative-free peanut butter.

How To Make Peanut Butter In Home?

We know that homemade peanut is good for your buddy.

So, let us learn how to prepare one.


  1. Roasted, unsalted peanut about ½ a cup.
  2. A teaspoon of honey
  3. A tablespoon of chia seeds.
  4. Oil

You can use peanut oil or safflower oil.

Animal-based oils can be used too, e.g., fish oil.


  1. Blend or process the roasted peanut.
  2. Blend it or process it until the peanut starts releasing oil and forms a paste.
  3. If you think your dog would love something crunchy, at this point, add some chopped peanut pieces.
  4. Add the honey
  5. Lastly, top it off with a spoon of chia seeds.

Bottom Line 

We’ve seen about ‘why do dogs like peanut butter?’ in depth.

And, surely, consumption of peanut butter is good for your dog.

But, remember that anything too much can turn into a curse. So, give your furry friend its favorite peanut butter, but in moderate quantities.

Dogs’ bodies are different from human bodies. So, the peanut butter that you consume may not be appropriate for your dog.

Make peanut butter at home. Pour in your love with it.

Your dog will love it.