Fibrous Food: 10 High Fiber Foods For Your Dog

Hey, dog lovers hope you and your Dog are doing all good. You may know or even if you are unknown to this fact but your dog needs an all-around diet too. With all nutrients and fluids in proper portion in that diet or your Dog can fall sick because of not having a specific nutrient. Your dog needs fibrous food to have a proper digestion system, to control and regulate blood pressure, and to have overall wellness.

Your dog will need soluble and insoluble forms of fiber because they, both are important for your dog’s body. Dogs suffer from diarrhea and constipation now and then thereby your dog needs fiber to control it and inefficient fiber may cause the dog constipation and diarrhea.

Let’s discuss this by what eating your dog will get some good amount of fiber food.

Top Ten Fibrous Food For Your Dog

1. Beetroot Pulp

Beetroot is a must in some pet nutrition charts and some don’t advise having beetroot in their diet. But in the dog’s case, Beetroot cause no harm to your dog. beetroot pulp is a high-fiber food for your dog. But you should understand that beetroot pulp is a colorless byproduct of beetroot, not purple color juice.

Your Dog will resist having it first but later he will get used to, Beetroot pulp.

2. Pumpkin 

Pumpkin will be your dog’s favorite source of fiber. It is a portion of high-fiber dog food. You can find pumpkin on market all year round and doesn’t cost much too. Yes but please make sure your dog will eat fresh pumpkin and not the pie-filling pumpkin. They don’t like that type of pumpkin.

First, try a little amount of pumpkin if he refuses to have some, we have more tasty treats On the list incoming.

3. Ground Flax-Seed

Ground flax-seed contains lots of Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your dog’s skin, coat, brain and to have a strong nervous system. It is much richer as a source of fiber food and contains antioxidants too. You can give ground flax seeds to your dog by any method, either you sprinkle it or mix it with your Dog’s food. It is up to your dog how he likes to eat it.

Your Dog will love these seeds to eat because they don’t have bad and is smooth in texture.

4. Kelp

You can wrap up the kelp around any covering and give your dog as Shushi. This thing is given to the Dogs for centuries because they knew that kelp is beneficial for them. Kelp is rich in iron which is also good for your dog but the main nutrient is too good for your dog, he’ll use a high fiber food for your dog.

5. Lettuce

If your dog is into veggies and likes green leaves to eat then lettuce is the best source of fiber for the dog. Lettuce is high in water and doesn’t contain many nutrients but it does contain the required fiber your dog needs. If your dog doesn’t like lettuce then do try iceberg lettuce but they are less in nutrients.

Serve your dog lettuce by cutting it into small pieces, it will be easy for your dog to chew it.

6. Apples

Chomp Chomp! Your dog’s new favorite food will be an apple for sure because they will love apples. An Apple will keep your dog’s canine teeth clean and apples are low on calories. Cut apples into small pieces do not fees the core and seeds to your dog, feed only pieces of apples.

Check if your dog asks for more, if he asked then feed him more but not too much.

7. Carrots 

Carrots are treats for your Dog, your dog will love to eat them and they low in calories and high on nutrients too. Carrot is a high fibrous food and is rich in soluble fiber. Carrots are best for pups and dogs who have weight loss issues. Carrot will provide all nutrients to your dog for gaining weight. Carrot will improve the kidney health of your dog too.

Give a whole carrot or chopped carrot, both techniques workouts fine.

8. Green Beans

Green beans are not a dog’s favorite but veggies should be added to your dog’s diet and Green beans fit in the diet. Beans are low in calories and high in fiber and will make a great addition of fiber to your dog’s diet. Green beans into small pieces and mix them with your dog’s regular food.

9. Brown Rice

Do not listen to anyone who says, rice is not good for your dog. White rice is not good for dogs but brown rice is. Brown rice will provide enough carbohydrates to your dog and best to the best fact if brown rice, it is a high fibrous food. You can mix vegetables and chicken in brown rice and then feed it to your dog.

10. Strawberries 

Strawberries are great for your dog they are tasty and sweet. Just rinse the berries and give those to your dog. Strawberries are rich in fiber food but don’t feed so much as they are high in sugar content.

Fibrous Dog Food For Your Dog and Supplements

If your dog is low on fiber and needs extra fiber then the products given below can help you to balance your dog’s fibrous food diet.

  • Glandex anal gland soft chew treats
  • Native pet organic pumpkin fiber
  • Bernie’s perfect poop digestion and fiber supplement
  • Virbac vetasyl fiber capsules


Your dog is like a child to you and cares about them just as you care about the child but we need to understand that their diet is completely different and their needs are different too. We are responsible for their diet and not let them eat anything they want, not everything is good for your dog.

Your dog needs too much fiber because they are playful animals and eats a lot. Without fiber, your dog’s digestive system won’t work properly and the consequences can be threatening.

We suggest you give your dog fiber they required by natural food source as mentioned above and if that doesn’t work then give dog food and supplements we have suggested.